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 FreeFly Skills Camp – 7th & 8th February 

Posted 14 January 2015

FreeFly Skills Camp at JSC 7-8 February 2015

JSC and the SSA will be hosting a FreeFly skills camp on the weekend of 7th and 8th February 2015.

If you would like to benefit from subsidised coach slots please let me know ASAP.

50% of the coach's slot will be picked up for one-on-one coaching.
— So those that need to complete their CAT 2 and Cat 3 jumps;
— Or even become a Head Up coach themselves, this is the perfect opportunity!

100% of the coach's slot will be picked up on groups on team training.
— With Nationals around the corner, why not find a team mate and enter?

There are limited slots available so please book early.

If you need any other info, give me a shout.


082 831 8828

 Chairman's Report 

Posted 9 January 2015

Hi everyone!

News Roundup

Just a reminder to diarise the 31st and make sure that you attend the AGM on the 31st of January 2015!!!

As previously communicated, the current JSC Committee members are willing to stand for another term. This I have to add, is wonderful news as the administration throughout this year ran like a clock, even through difficult times - wait till you see our huge plans in store for this coming year!!

This past year certainly put them to the test. When we (sadly) lost our jump ship, the Pac750xl, JSC Committee quickly managed to secure another turbine, purchase the fuel truck (thanks to our very successful JSC tandem project) and at the same time entered into contract with our fuel supplier, resulting in JSC’s aircraft operation now running at a higher profit than before. This, I have to add, was done with little or no inconvenience to our members.

Our other huge challenge being the low cost housing development adjacent to our Club grounds, causing young children curiously wandering over our runway, was successfully addressed by obtaining a “Clear View” Security fence from local Government to the value of Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Rand (R7,500,000.00). This took three years of intense negotiations and I am happy to report that the contractor confirmed this morning that the material will be starting to arrive on site in the course of this week. The groundwork already is in an advanced stage and we ought to see the structures going up very soon! The appointed contractor, SA Gate and Fence, estimates the fence to be completed at the end of March 2015!!!

This is a huge asset to JSC as we will own the fence and only on condition that we have to maintain it! The fence, without a doubt, will also contribute to the security in general, even safeguarding the smaller wildlife on our land that are so often being hunted by dog hunters – the fence will enclose our entire perimeter, isn't that great?!

I simply have to thank my Committee for their hard work, initiative and dedication. Many of their actions to ensure the smooth running of the club go totally unnoticed. For example, after arresting the culprits stealing our aircraft fuel a while ago (to sell as household paraffin, 500 litres of it), Committee members had to take 7 full days off work to testify in court proceedings, ensuring that justice prevails. This was done successfully without them receiving any compensation whatsoever.

Over and above that, being part of the Gauteng Tourism structure, JSC has to send a delegate to local tourism committee meetings to represent the club. Serves to mention that relations such as these place our club in the advantageous position it currently is, receiving such a huge investment as mentioned earlier.

Guys, the point I am actually making is that we are quick to point fingers and criticize, but so often, we have no idea of the sacrifices Committee members are making so we can all have fun over weekends. Besides their time, they also spend a considerable amount on personal phone bills and transport. Next time you see one of them, buy them a cold one, they surely have earned it!

As mentioned in an earlier mail, we have had a couple of exciting projects:

JSC Tandem Project:
Initially, we started with only one tandem rig and two dedicated JSC Tandem Instructors. This operation has grown to the extent where we already have two tandem rigs running full time! We will soon add another tandem system, bringing our fleet to a total of three tandem systems and a total of no less than 5 (five) dedicated JSC Tandem Instructors! Roger Cordeiro, with his years of experience, will be overseeing the operation, ensuring we stay safe and professional! As previously communicated, the revenue from this project is planned to be directed towards our members in the form of subsidised coaching slots and maybe even cheaper fun slots!!! (Watch this space) :)

Packing area:
We recently had the entire outside packing area paved and those who have already seen it, must agree that it looks spectacular! We have more exciting plans lined up, such as seating tables where members can sit down and chill and also packing mats to put on top of the paving (to spare the knees – some of us are stepping on in years).

Swoop Pond Water feed:
Our Swoop Pond now has water feed on tap, thanks to Gerrie Peypers who volunteered and who slaved a whole weekend to achieve this. Gerrie, thank you! Thanks to your efforts we will be able to irrigate throughout the year now. Francois repaired our irrigation system to the tee so we ought to see less dust and more green throughout 2015. Thank you Francois!

To all the JSC committee members and Club members who selflessly endeavoured to help improve our club and our sport, THANK YOU! It is YOU who make the difference!

Our Chief Instructor, Beverley Cosslett, her fellow Instructors, her team of Jump Masters and Coaches, thank you for keeping us all safe! (These guys deserve even colder beer.) Thank you for your time, your efforts and the sheer passion you pour into your important task. (Bev, you even got some okes to go on diet after checking their wing loading :)

2014 was a great year, let’s make 2015 even better!!

See you at the Club this weekend!

Have a safe and splendid year!
(Still standing for Chairman :)

 Chairman's Report 

Posted 6 January 2015

Hey guys!

AGM on 31 January

First of all, please allow me to wish you all a most prosperous 2015!

I am sure everyone is well rested and ready to take on all the new opportunities 2015 will bring to us! There are no challenges, only opportunities! :)

Guys, we are having our AGM on 31 January 2015 at 18:30!

Please make sure that your membership is current and that you are fully paid up so you can cast your vote!! I am happy to inform you that the majority of the current JSC Committee members are keen to stand for another year. We are delighted to mention that we have also received some interest from other members wishing to serve on the committee!

The current committee is as follows: 

Chairman: Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter
Chief Instructor: Beverly Cosslett
Treasurer: Pam Turner
Equipment Officer: Peter Hansen
Secretary/Admin: Hani Williams
Operations Manager: Stefan Griesel
Marketing Manager: Ilke Greeff
Grounds Manager: Ryan Weeks / Glen Durrant

Guys, should you wish to nominate someone for any of these positions, please confirm that they are willing to stand and send me a mail where you nominate the person for the specific position in question.

All nominations to be received no later than Friday the 23rd of January 2015.


Membership forms can be obtained here

If you can't make the meeting, download a proxy form here

We will make sure that we have a GREAT party after the meeting! More important, be at the AGM and participate in securing the future of our Club!

Blue skies

 First Jump Course — SPECIAL PRICE! 

Our Static Line First Jump Course price has been slashed to R990!

Don't miss out on this incredible offer – only R990 for the full Static Line First Jump Course!

Includes ground school, gear hire, first jump and JSC membership until the following March (R150 non-refundable deposit)


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