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  JSC last weekend of operations

 6th annual tonto Boogie — 28-30 November 
6th Annual tonto Boogie at JSC 28-30 November 2014

updated 26 November 2014

Two aircraft!
We have a PAC 750 and an Atlas Angel confirmed for the tonto boogie :)

Wingsuit coaching / big ways
Anyone interested in wingsuit coaching and wingsuit big ways at the boogie, please email Oliver Nothen or call him on 076 575 7848

Free fly coaching
Anyone interested in free fly coaching at the boogie, please send an email to Braam van Heerden or call him on 072 510 4078

FS big ways
Anyone interested in doing FS big ways, please email Pottie or call him on 083 631 4747

We will be doing 4 ways, 8 ways and 16 ways – you will be grouped according to your experience.

Fun jumps
If you are keen to just come do a few fun jumps, please book your jumps through premanifest@jsc.co.za

Dinner bookings
Please email Yvonne and Ian if you want to book for supper at the tonto Boogie, or call them on 082 331 0276

Great prizes
These are some of the epic prizes that will be up for grabs:

— Altimaster: 25% discount off a N3
— Squirrel: 25% off a wingsuit and big bag of pull-ups
— Aerodyne: 3 x 30% off canopy of choice
— BevSuit: 50% off a custom BEV FS suit
— Cookie: 50% off a G3 / Fuel helmet
— Sunpath Javline Rig Backpack
— Tonysuit: 30% off a Tony wingsuit

Charity Drive
As usual at the tonto Boogie we'll be getting together a contribution to a good cause – the Pastoral Centre Preschool and Creche in Soweto. We have made an annual donation almost every year from Raise the Sky and JSC! Please bring any and all of the following to donate:

— Children's clothes and shoes for age 3 months to 6 years: undamaged,
    good quality play clothes and comfortable shoes. For winter, warm
    jackets, hats, gloves/mittens and jerseys
— Children's educational toys and games, especially large-sized illustrated
    picture books for story time; puzzles and blocks for children 4-6 years;
    and art supplies such as paper and paints, crayons, magic markers, and
    coloring books
— Adult clothing will be distributed to parents
— Non-perishable food items, such as: mealie meal, cooking oil, rice,
    long life milk, tinned goods etc, and kitchen items
— Cash donations to purchase fresh fruit and veg

Please visit raisethesky.org/flyingdreams/ for more info regarding the charity.

Thank you!

Live entertainment
Join us the weekend 28, 29 and 30 November for another AWESOME tonto boogie!!! Great prizes to be won plus epic live entertainment!!!

Please book your slots asap!

Blue skies

 Closing for the holidays 

18 November 2014

The club's last weekend of operations will be 13 & 14 December, and will re-open on the weekend of 10 & 11 January.

Blue Skies and Season's Greetings everyone!!

 Early bird catches the slot! 

11 November 2014

Note from our Chairman

Hi everyone!

Please have a look at manifest. We will be starting up earlier in the mornings from now on (wheels up at 07:00).

Normally, the best jumping weather is earlier in the morning and also, starting up earlier will enable us to get in more loads for the day!

Please make sure that you are at the DZ an hour before your first jump and ensure that you are on time when your load is being called during the course of the day.

We are still experiencing loads being delayed due to jumpers taking their time walking out. Guys, please, this normally robs the poor guys of daylight on the later loads of the day. Please be sharp and keep track of manifest, waiting for your call!

We will definitely have to take an approach of lower tolerance towards jumpers delaying loads. Make a point of it to be prepared well in time for your jump and ensure that you manage your equipment (packing etc) proactively. This will make it easier to be on time when your load is being called.

Thanks guys!

See you at the Club!!
Posted 8 October 2014

Perris Spring Fling 2013

Big Way Camp Dates Released!

Hey everyone!!

Unfortunately this year the annual Big Way Camps scheduled to be held in Perris California had to make way for some fantastic Record events. But now that all that’s out of the way, you can start planning your trip to Perris to go and collect your Big Way Camp T-shirt and even a 100 Way Club membership badge while you’re at it!

The 2015 dates recently released by P3 (Kate Cooper Jensen) are as follows:

APRIL 30  – MAY 3 ...... P3 BIG WAY CAMP
MAY 7 – 10 ...... P3 100 WAY CAMP
MAY 13 – 17 ...... P3 SPRING FLING

Guys, this is beyond your imagination! You can log into the P3 website and read more about events at www.p3skydiving.com

The abovementioned events will only be communicated on their website as soon as registration opens!

If you ever wondered what Big Way Formations entail, go read this: www.perrisorganizers.com/bigway-basics.html

Into BIG STUFF?  Well, this is where you wanna be! :)

More news to follow later!!

Blue skies

[Read Pottie's report on Perris Spring Fling 2013]

 Chairman's Report 

Tim Mace, a true skydiving legend. RIP.
15 September 2014

Sad news

Hello everyone

It is always difficult to say goodbye to someone leaving us behind. This time, however, JSC did not only lose a true friend, but also a mentor who was a role model and a leader in so many different ways that he will always leave an empty space.

I do not know many men (if any) who are worthy of filling the shoes of Tim Mace. He was a true gentleman and a leading example to each and every one of us!

Tim always had time to assist those who are still young in the sport, taking them under his wing. He had a passion for teaching, sharing his incredible knowledge.

To those who were so fortunate to have experienced being taught by Tim Mace, embrace it! You have no idea how privileged you are.

Tim, Fly Free.


Facebook tribute page has been created for Tim.

 First Jump Course — SPECIAL PRICE! 

30 June 2014

Our Static Line First Jump Course price has been slashed to R990!

Don't miss out on this incredible offer – only R990 for the full Static Line First Jump Course!

Includes ground school, gear hire, first jump and JSC membership until the following March (R150 non-refundable deposit)


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