JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JSC has received the Lilizela Tourism Award for Visitor Experience in the Action & Adventure category - two years in a row!!


Chairman's Report
Posted 14 February 2017

JSC Committee for 2017/2018

Hi everyone,

After a succesful AGM (and a way too pleasant party afterwards), it is my privilege to announce the new JSC Committee for 2017/2018!

It is such a pleasure to say that most of the 2016 Committee stayed on for another year!

We have some new faces too and we are very excited to see what vibrant energy they will deliver this coming year!

The JSC Committee for 2017/2018:

Chief Instructor:
Beverly Cosslett

Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter

Equipment Manager:
Warren Hitchcock

Operations Manager:
Fritz Schoeman

Chris Badenhorst

Grounds Manager:
Brendon Nortier

Marketing Manager
Jeannie Swanepoel

Admin Officer:
Samantha Chapman

Welcome to all of you! It will be a privilege to serve with you all this coming year! One word of advice, hold on tight as 2017 is going to prove itself to be the most exciting year in a long time!

Blue Skies

Posted 5 January 2017

Happy 2017!

Hi there everyone!

And before we knew it, another year has gone! So, happy 2017!

We are very excited for what 2017 holds for JSC and I can just feel that this is going to be a great year!

We will be having our AGM on the 28th of January 2017, so please make sure that your membership is current and fully paid up so you can cast your vote!! Our JSC membership fees had to be reviewed with a slight increase for 2017/2018 and is now payable at a rate of R660.

If you are keen to serve on the committee and you would like to participate in the management of our wonderful Club, please contact me directly on pottie@jsc.co.za. Should anyone wish to nominate someone for any of the committee positions, please confirm that they are willing to stand and then send me an email where you nominate the person for the position in question.

We are fortunate that some current committee members are willing to make themselves available to stand for another year but unfortunately, there are some who needed to step down due to work commitments.

Members who are available for another year are as follows:

Chief Instructor: (NSTO appointed position, not voted in at AGM)

  Beverley Cosslett


  Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter


  Samantha Chapman

Operations Manager:

  Fritz Schoeman

Grounds Manager:

  Gerrie Peyper

Marketing Manager:

  Jeannie Swanepoel


Unfortunately, Pam Turner has indicated that she cannot stand for another year. Pam has done a tremendous job as our treasurer and we grant her some trouble-free skydiving, not having to keep a watchful eye on her calculator and bank messages on her way up to altitude! Pam, thank you, you will be sorely missed!

I have received one nomination for Chris Badenhorst to take over the reins from Pam. If there are any other nominations, please be so kind as to forward me the relevant details?

Equipment Officer:

Peter Hansen has left our ranks to pursue a career in New Zealand and apparently he is doing so well that they refuse to let him go. We were very fortunate to have Warren Hitchcock step up to the plate and stand in for Peter until the AGM. Warren is prepared to stand for equipment officer for the next year. If any other candidates are interested, please be so kind as to forward me their details too?

We have started to make a point to co-opt and involve newer members in sub committee positions which has produced amazing results!! Get involved guys! Let’s build this club into something even more spectacular!

More news will follow as we get closer to the AGM and there just may be some cool toys floating around that weekend! Oh yes, and a party, we MUST have a party!


Blue Skies

Posted 22 December 2016


Another year gone and we did not even see it go past!

2016 was such a great year and we have a lot to be thankful for! We are blessed with the health to enjoy this incredible sport and even more so, with the wonderful and colourful family JSC constantly grows in our lives!

Our Instructors Body is still growing and JSC can now boast with more current Instructors than we ever had! We have welcomed several new Jumpmasters and Coaches, which secures JSC as the leader in the industry as far as progression is concerned.

I have to thank the people who REALLY keep the big wheel turning. The JSC Committee as usual, excelled in making this an even more special year and one so easily assumes that everything just happens by itself. Guys, it is HARD and tedious work at zero remuneration! Thank you JSC Committee, you have earned yourselves the rest!

Our Instructors, Jumpmasters, Coaches and everyone else who helped keep all of us safe, thank you, thank you, thank you!

The canteen personnel, thank you for the friendly family environment and fantastic food! – oh yes, and the cold beer, don’t forget about the cold beer! Patrick who is our run-around guy, making sure the plane is clean and the bowser stays full (and I know we don’t always appreciate you enough) boet, thank you!

Wherever you may travel over this Festive Season, please do so safely and return home well rested as 2017 is going to be an even bigger “gatskop” year!

Please allow me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an absolutely phenomenal and mind blowing 2017!

Blue Skies

Posted 8 December 2016

Listen up!!

It has come to the JSC Committee’s attention that some of our members sometimes land up at other clubs. Obviously, this raises reason for grave concern. However, the ever vibrant and calculated JSC Committee has found a solution to that problem!

In order to assist members becoming that disorientated, we have now decided to promote accuracy jumps. This way, when you find the accuracy mat, you can actually now have peace of mind that you have, in fact, found the JSC landing area too!

On a serious note, Style, Accuracy and Paraski can be a very exciting discipline once you start exploring it and the JSC Committee, in conjunction with Paul (Simba) Marcellin & SSA will start promoting this discipline at a never to be repeated bargain rate!

Just to make sure we have your attention, when last did you pay only R90 for a slot!!!?? Your great great grandfather paid more than that!

So, as from the 28th January 2017, available to FULLY paid up JSC members ONLY, these free radical accuracy slots aka FRAS (and please note without the “FRAPPE” as we are a cool club) are yours subject to the conditions below. Some more good news – until then, the deal will also be available to non-JSC members who have paid their daily membership!

The deal:
- R90 slot price
- Strictly for a pre-nominated target and classic accuracy flight pattern with a canopy size 230sft minimum
- Exit at 2500' on jumpers' own spot
- Available to any suitably briefed and prepared skydiver from A license up with CI approval

The T&C’s:
- Gear hire (when relevant) will be on the standard terms offered by JSC
- The FRAS is only available when the aircraft is taking off with slots open
eg: slot number 9 in the Atlas Angel when it is taking off with 8 regular paying jumpers
eg: slot numbers 7 and 8 in the Atlas Angel when it is taking off with 6 regular paying jumpers
- To be clear, a FRAS can never be in place of full-paying / normal jump slot(s) and a FRAS jumper will be bumped if a regular paying jumper(s) steps up to the load
- Strictly one jump-run for all FRAS jumpers per load
- From the 2017 AGM forward the FRAS will only be available to paid up JSC members. Until that date it is also open to visiting jumpers (paying the daily visiting fee)
- The JSC Committee may at own discretion adjust any condition of the deal and in such an event will provide a reason to the club members for that adjustment

Other stuff:
- It is quite possible to engage with the classic accuracy system of flight management and target attack with a regular student canopy (including SL canopies)
- All jumpers that choose to participate on FRAS jumps are strongly urged to take a few minutes to read and absorb the information at Accuracy Landing under section FREEFALL STYLE & ACCURACY LANDING and PARASKI in the PASA MOPs
- The SAP committee will incorporate a series of mini coaching clinics into the future, in compliment with this opportunity that JSC has established. Further details to follow in due course
- For more information contact JSC or / and SAP sub-comm: Simba at skyrats1@gmail.com

See you all at JSC, where cool people help people to actually find the landing area!

Posted 20 June 2016


Another amazing Smoking Dragon event!

Smoking Dragon Boogie, Amphitheatre Backpackers Lodge, Bergville, KZN - 16 June 2016

Amazing people, amazing skydives, catching up with some dear old friends. What a ball!

Thank you to all who helped to make this possible! The ever so incredible JSC committee, Skydive Durban and all the jumpers joining us from places as far as Cape Town and Botswana!

Essop, Thabang, Garai, Cyril and George went through great effort to get there and they even sponsored Happy Hour for all the skydivers! You guys ROCK! The event delivered a minimum of incidents and a special thanks to Andrew Du Toit from Durban in assisting us with safety. What a chilled CI (but watch out, he is a big oke) :)

Huge thanks to our two Boogie pilots, Justin and Jaco for giving us total peace of mind! You guys are legends!

We had Neels and his hot air balloon team over, coming down all the way from Gauteng. Believe it or not, it took forever, but yours truly (die uwe Pottie Potgieter) can now also tick off the hot air balloon jump. (Yes, I did buy beer and a lot of it.)

When clubs get together and there is some intelligence vitamins flowing, there will always be some sharp initiatives arising, especially from a drinking thinking tank of this capacity.

So, here is the masterplan:

After serious consideration and intense negotiations between the masterminds from Jo’burg and Durban, it was decided to relive a long overdue tradition...


Next year July, we are going to bowl this curveball into this quiet, unsuspecting coastal town and show them what fun is all about!!!

As expected, Durban and JSC will co-host this great event and we will be taking down two turbines to make it all happen! We plan to slot this in with the school holidays so EVERYONE can have some fun!

Don’t forget about the Botswana Epic Boogie guys. It is starting from the 14th of July and believe me when I say that you want to be there!!!!

Blue Skies

Posted 21 April 2016

Smoking Dragon Adrenalin Festival

Time to have fun in the "berg" again!

Smoking Dragon Boogie, Amphitheatre Backpackers Lodge, Bergville, KZN - 16 June 2016

Last year’s Smoking Dragon Boogie was a huge success and this year promises to be even better! Our friends from "Durbs" by the sea are joining us in presenting again this year and it will be great to catch up again!

This amazing Boogie will be on in full swing from the 16th to the 19th of June at the Amphitheatre Backpackers Lodge and the setting is nothing short of breathtaking! Having an eagle’s view of the Drakensberg Amphitheatre while under canopy, what more can one ask for?

Last year, the festival entry fee was R600. So, we did a bit of a negotiation this year by waiving our Ferry fee. Last year the event organizers had to cover this for our two planes and our fuel truck, so we planned a bit and managed to land us a deal that will enable (only skydivers) staying at backpackers FREE entry!

We will understandably, still have to cover our Ferry cost so we have to charge a registration fee of R350. Still a few bucks to part with, but this is way better than R600, right? Slot rates will be R300 on the Angels.

There will be ample opportunity to experience hot air balloon jumps, big ways, small ways and whatever else you can think of!

Guys, download the registration form for submission to Nicole, and indicate your jumping preferences and experience levels. This will enable us to plan properly and make your experience even more special!

Besides skydiving, there will be numerous bands performing and if you are planning to have some quiet time, the ongoing parties may have a slight effect on that! For more info on the venue, visit Smoking Dragon Festivals on Facebook. Also check out the Smoking Dragon Facebook Event »

Come out and play!

You owe it to yourself!

Posted 22 February 2016

New Committee

Good day everyone!

Wow! What a weekend! What an AGM! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

It is my privilege and honour to present to you the JSC committee for the year 2016/2017!

Chief Instructor: (NSTO Appointed Position, not voted in at AGM)
Beverley Cosslett

Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter

Pam Turner

Equipment Officer:
Peter Hansen

Samantha Chapman

Operations Manager:
Fritz Schoeman

Grounds Manager:
Gerrie Peyper

Marketing Manager:
Jeannie Swanepoel

What an exciting team! Congratulations on your positions!

Last year was fantastic, this year is going to phenomenal!

Posted 2 February 2016

Good news, more good news and great news!

Good day everyone!

Well, today I am happy to say there is good news, more good news and great news!

The good news is that our water supply to our swoop pond has finally been reïnstated! More good news is that our pond lining is being attended to and we will be filling up within this week, making it possible for us to upgrade our irrigation system!

Now wait for this!

The great news is that the first big project being funded by the JSC Tandem Operation is becoming a reality! Very near in the future, the “skygods” and pro rated skydivers will be green with envy! Our JSC VIP’s (being our students, intermediate and non pro rated jumpers), will have a better and greener landing area than that of the current “Pro rated” area!

The plan is to prepare and level the area between the beerline and the student pit. We are obtaining quotes for instant lawn and this has to be done while we still are in the growing season. It might move some to use alternative landing areas for a while, but we will communicate it so everyone can do so safely.

Due to the huge expense of this exciting project, we will have to approve it on the AGM on the 20th of February 2016, so please be there!

Huge thanks to our JSC Committee team for their efforts in making this possible!

One more thing, we really need to plant some trees for more shade in our parking area! If each member could bring us a tree we can plant, it will be highly appreciated!

See you at the club!

Posted 20 January 2016

AGM on 20th February

Hi there everyone!

I simply cannot believe that yet another year has gone!

We are very excited as this year’s line up is going to better than ever! Watch this space!

We will be having our AGM on the 20th of February 2016! Please make sure that your membership is current and fully paid up so you can cast your vote!!

Guys, as with everything going up (not to even mention the exchange rate), our membership fees just had to be reviewed. Our JSC membership fees for 2016/2017 are now payable at an amount of R700.

If you are keen to serve on the committee and to participate in the management of our Club, please contact me directly on pottie@jsc.co.za

Should anyone wish to nominate someone for any of these positions, please confirm that they are willing to stand and then send send me a mail where you nominate the person for the position in question.

The following persons have indicated that they will make themselves available to serve on the committee for 2016/2017!

Chief Instructor: (NSTO Appointed Position, not voted in at AGM)
• Beverly Cosslett

• Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter

• Pam Turner

Equipment Officer:
• Peter Hansen

• Hani Labuschagne

Operations Manager:
• Fritz Schoeman

Grounds Manager:
• Gerrie Peyper

Marketing Manager:
• Jeannie Swanepoel

We have started to make a point last year to co-opt and involve newer members in sub committee positions which produced amazing results!! Get involved guys! Let’s build this club into something even more spectacular!

More news will follow as we get closer to the AGM. There was this little bird sharing something about a helicopter and some other exciting stuff, let’s wait and see...

Blue skies,

Posted 24 December 2015

What a year!!

On behalf of JSC Committee, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a most prosperous 2016!!

Hi everyone!

2015 has come and gone at such a pace that it was somewhat like a Big Way Formation skydive – over in a blink of an eye but so much has happened and so much was accomplished!

In this year JSC has bloomed like a vibrant young fruit tree bearing the best of everything we could ever imagine!

For the first time in many a year, JSC has produced 3 new instructors to supply on the demand for training first jumpers and we now are able to present a first jump course every weekend! We can already see the increase in membership and it is really exciting to see the progress of our new members. We are privileged to welcome so many new members and there is a new exciting, fresh breeze over the entire DZ!  

Over and above our new Instructors, JSC has produced 6 new jump masters and we have another 4 doing their last requirements! There are also some new coaches and I am sure all will agree that we have one of the best Chief Instructors anyone could ever have wished for! Beverly Cosslett, we salute you!

After years of hard work and negotiations, we also had the privilege to see the completion of our fence along our 3.2 km outer perimeter! (We are now in the process of negotiating the electrification of it on the inside to secure it from vandalism – it just never stops.)

Some more good news – JSC is now fully registered as a Non Profit Organization without shareholding and is now sole owner of its land and assets. This opens a whole new world of exciting opportunities and we are confident that it will take JSC to new heights, better than anyone could ever have imagined!

I have to thank everyone for their hard work in making this year such a success! The JSC Committee members have worked really hard to keep everything running. Guys, we so easily accept that things will just run by itself, but I doubt if everyone realises the hard work these guys have to put in to make the club run and I am sure all will admit that it runs like clockwork! Thank you guys, enjoy your well earned rest!

Our Instructors and safety staff, on behalf of the entire JSC membership – thank you for giving up so much time to keep us safe. While jumping the day away, very few of us ever realise or show enough appreciation for your efforts. Rest assured, we know what you mean to us and we do appreciate you!

The canteen, packers and Patrick running our fuel, there are so many contributing to this wonderful place and if I have left anyone out, please forgive me? You all form part of the most wonderful family and thank you for that!

Wherever you may travel over this Festive Season, please do so safely and return home well rested and ready, for 2016 is going to be a real "gatskop" year.

On behalf of JSC Committee, please allow me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a most prosperous 2016!!

Posted 24 November 2015

Wow! What an experience!

The 6th annual tonto boogie was held at JSC in November 2015, in honour of the late Eric tonto Stephenson

Hi everyone!

The tonto boogie simply gets better and better each year! Thank you to the JSC team that worked for hours to make such a huge success of this prestigious event!

As is the tradition, Taya made a great contribution to this event, not only by attending but also by bringing in her sponsors, so all skydivers at the boogie could stand a chance to win some awesome prizes!

We were also delighted when Graham decided that Danelle needed a well deserved break, closed down his club in Rustenburg and flew in his plane to join us! Thank you Graham, you really played a huge role in making this tonto boogie extra special. That is what tonto stood for – skydivers getting together with one common goal, and that is to improve your skills while having as much fun as you can.

Man, I miss that guy so much – everyone who knew him does, and that is why his presence and legacy lives on day by day.

This year’s tonto boogie was super special! We had some amazing prizes from our generous sponsors: Parachute Systems, Icarus AirWear, Cookie and Vigil.

But wait! That’s not all! It was raining achievements that certainly would have done tonto proud! These are a list of some of the licence requirements that were done:

Constant Benade
Fritz Schoeman
Pam Turner
Brad Price
Lee Moorcraft got his 16 way!

Lynsey Houston

Sam Chapman
Johann van Coller

Michael Walker also got his 300th jump, so that Pro Rating is on it’s way.
Taz Calvert finished her JM requirements and will also be finalising that Pro Rating!

The FS SSA was presented by Bailey and Amy who gave some phenomenal coaching to our younger members. I saw some skydiving this weekend that made me feel like I needed some coaching. One word: SuperProud! Ollie represented the Wing Suit SSA and assisted our very own JSC wingsuit coach, Tamsyn Snyman in developing the skills of wingsuit flyers. Taya Weiss also formed part of this team and shared her skills to make this a phenomenal experience for all.

The AE SSA also sponsored slots for AE coaching and Warren Hitchcock and Braam van Heerden did fantastic work in improving the skills of those who dared to wander off into the "Dark Side".

One of the biggest highlights certainly was our Wonderboom friends. Martin, Cito, Wade and Jono, this boogie simply will not be completed without you! Your music simply is the best! But wait, that’s not all! Wonderboom brought in a second rock band, “Gun Slinger”. These guys play our favourite eighties rock of music and what a show!

A big thanks to the hard working team in the kitchen and Bar, Ian, Yvonne, Kia, Shaun and Patrick. Thank you for keeping us fed. Especially at 05:00 in the morning on short notice!

Thank you Bev, Pam, Jeannie, Stefan, Ilke, Hani, Peter, Gerrie, Nicole, Abby, Mark and Maryke as well as everyone on the team who made this tonto boogie even more special than the previous one. Guys, what are you going to pull out of the hat next year!? Can you beat this? (I think so)

And lastly, to everyone who travelled from far and wide to join us. It was super having visitors from clubs from all over South Africa and abroad. We do hope that we met your expectations and you will be joining us again in 2016!!

We look forward to hosting you again!!!

Posted 29 September 2015

What a weekend!

Celebrating our Lilizela Tourism Awards really turned out to be a great festivity at JSC. Later this month we go for the National Award and when we win that we will have to exceed this by far! :)

We started off by having some fun accuracy events and Podgy worked in a handicap system to ensure that ALL stood a good chance of winning.

So, it turned out we do have a couple of juniors not to be ignored when it comes to canopy piloting capabilities!

Accuracy Competition

1st place
Emjee Jonker, winning two free skydives courtesy of JSC!

2nd place
Tamsyn Snyman (in a wingsuit nogal) winning a reserve repack sponsored by Peter Hansen

3rd place
Jessica Langlands winning three coaching slots sponsored by Pottie

We also had a raffle with some great prizes

1st prize
Jessica Langlands won a 20 percent discount voucher, courtesy of ICARUS SKYWEAR (thank you Manny!) and R620 in cash!

2nd prize
Fritz Schoeman won a 15 percent discount voucher, courtesy of Tamsyn Snyman on behalf of Phoenix Fly plus R500 in cash!

3rd prize
Our well esteemed and ever so polite bartender, Patrick Divers won R300!

Thank you to all who made this possible! Podgy, Jeannie and the rest of the team, you ROCK!

Don’t you all just LOVE JSC?

Such wonderful people!

Posted 25 September 2015

JSC received the Lilizela Tourism Award 2015 award for Visitor Experience in the Action & Adventure category!

This week we received the Lilizela Tourism Award 2015 award for Visitor Experience in the Action & Adventure category!

We couldn’t have done this without all the amazing people at JSC.  And what a better way to celebrate our Lilizela Tourism Award than thanking YOU!

So with this in mind JSC will be having a great day of celebrating JSC with and accuracy competition.

First prize:  Two Jumps covered by JSC
Second prize:  Reserve Repack
Third prize:  Free Coaching Slots

All you have to do to enter is get yourself manifested.  The more you jump – the better your chance!

After a fun day of jumping we will have the celebration party and the first round is on us!! That’s right!! Free BEER!!!

The amazing DJ Taz will be spinning the disks and setting the vibe to celebrate JSC!

So miss it and you’ll definitely miss out!  So see you there.

Blue Skies

Posted 20 August 2015

JSC has been nominated as a finalist in the 2015 Lilizela Tourism Awards! Our club rocks!!

JSC nominated as a finalist in the National Lilizela Tourism Awards!!

Hot on the heels of our clean-up at the West Rand Tourism Awards, JSC has done it again with a nomination in the finals of the 2015 Lilizela Tourism Awards!!

Thanks to all who voted for our awesome club :)

Watch a video of the finalists on Facebook

Visit the Lilizela website to see our name in lights :)

Posted 1 July 2015

JSC remains the leader, setting an example for others to follow!

Hi everyone,

I find myself humbled and to say the honest truth, somewhat overwhelmed.

JSC received an invitation to attend the West Rand Tourism Award Evening held at Silver Star casino on Monday 20 July.

Needless to say, this is a most prestigious event and only receiving an invitation to attend it, already is quite an achievement.

Our expectations were exceeded by far and we are proud to report back to our membership with the following awards presented to JSC:

JSC has won 4 awards in the 8th West Rand Tourism Awards - Gold in the category Adventure Experience; Overall Winner in the Tourism Experience (floating trophy); Platinum in the Best Tourism Experience; and our esteemed Chairman Pottie was the overall winner in the Tourism Ambassador of the Year - well done JSC!!!

1. Adventure Experience: GOLD AWARD

2. Tourism Experience: OVERALL WINNER
(floating trophy)

3. Best Tourism Experience: PLATINUM AWARD

4. Special Award: Tourism Ambassador of the Year:

This huge privilege and honour would never have turned into a reality, had it not been for the passion and active participation of the team I am so blessed to be a part of.

The Johannesburg Skydiving Club Committee, Tandem Masters, Editors, Hosts, Cameramen and all other members selflessly contributing to making JSC the spectacular Club it is, deserve more mention than I do. (There are so many of you and I cannot mention any names in fear of excluding someone.)

Guys thank you for your continued efforts!

JSC will now automatically be included for nominations for awards on a higher level and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!!!!

Posted 23 June 2015

Weekend update


What a weekend! We concentrated on coaching and with that came more achievements than we could ever have dreamed of!

1.    Lynsey Houston passed her Cat 2 test
2.    Nick Dearlove passed up to Level 4 of Cat 2
3.    Shaun van Wyk passed his Cat 3
4.    Steve Warriner also passed Cat 3
5.    Jess de Villiers passed her Cat 2 in Freefly
6.    Jessica Langlands did her first freefall

Beverley Cosslett, our star Chief Instructor, presented a very informative coaching seminar and I think we just might have more coaches on our team! :)

More about this later! If you want to progress, JSC is the place to be!

Well done everyone!!

Posted 1 June 2015

Hi everyone!

Smoking Dragon update

Thanks to all those who attended The Smoking Dragon Boogie 2015!

It was an amazing event and what an incredible venue it was! However, as is the case with all “firsts”, (besides having to buy beer), there always is room for improvement!

For our JSC manifest officers, this was a challenging task and although they do deserve a "high five" for running two planes and manifesting without having refuels causing some jumpers to be called for loads on both planes simultaneously, this was only one of the many challenges faced by them.

We now have a lot more material to work with preparing for the next one and we are confident that the next boogie will be running smooth as clockwork!
We take note of the points we have received from jumpers they feel we can improve on and we will appreciate any constructive criticism and/or advice that can improve our administration/operation at our next event. Please send your inputs to committee@jsc.co.za. Please come with constructive criticism and solutions guys, it will be appreciated!

Thank you for your tolerance, great boogie spirit and most of all, for joining us!

We have an entire year to plan and prepare for the next one, so please feel free to participate and contribute so Smoking Dragon 2106 will exceed Smoking Dragon 2015 by far!

To everyone who selflessly contributed hours of their time in making such a roaring success of this event, I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that we salute you and we eagerly await the next Smoking Dragon Boogie!!!

May you all be blessed with gentle winds, soft landings and incredible skydives!

Blue skies, see you all next year!


Posted 20 April 2015

Hi everyone!

Who needs good weather?

The weather did not cooperate as we would have liked it to, but I still had the most enjoyable weekend in a long time! Saturday we celebrated Ilke and Stefan’s birthdays, our friends and sommer anything else we could think of that was worth celebrating!

Sunday morning, we had Antonio’s memorial and I was truly moved by the sincerity, love and compassion of JSC. Bruce brought a message that touched the soul and the testimony from a few members on Antonio’s well known and unquestionably pure character just, once again, proved why everyone he came  in contact with, loved him so much! We had so many friends attending the memorial and we were also graced by the presence of Antonio’s colleagues from the Italian Consulate.

Antonio will be sorely missed and he leaves a huge empty space that only he himself can fill. Fly free Antonio!

Bruce, thank you for blessing us with the most wonderful message, reminding us why we should love, forgive and appreciate one another in this life as we never know what tomorrow will bring.

To all the JSC members who attended the service, THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for making me proud to be a part of JSC and even more, feeling so very blessed to be part of the JSC family!!!


Posted 30 March 2015

Hi everyone!

What a weekend!!!!!

Saturday JSC broke its record on the Angel by dispatching 22 loads for the day! Thanks to Emmene who handled our manifest, everything ran like clockwork! Johno, our pilot, flew like a machine and as usual, he did an awesome job!!

We ended off the day by having an awesome party!!! If you now find yourself asking "why??", the answer is simple: because we can and that's what we do. :)

I also had the privilege to blow some rust off my 4-way formation camera skills thanks to the incredible 4-way team, Crimson Red!

Our 4-way team, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, were also working hard this weekend, preparing for Nationals.

To the rest of the guys preparing for Nationals, have safe skydives and best of luck in bringing those medals home!!!


Posted 4 March 2015

Safety Month - March Special - R220 per slot at Johannesburg Skydiving Club

Hey guys

As you may all well know, March is safety month! Thanks to our JSC Tandem Project, we are now in the position to channel some of the accumulated funds generated from it to develop our sport in support of our membership.

Some of our teams are actively busy preparing for Nationals and with PASA fees being due one of these days, we thought it would be ideal if JSC could assist by subsidizing a percentage of the slot rate.

This will go for all fun jumpers and we ask for only one small favour in return: GET A TEAM TOGETHER AND SUPPORT NATIONALS!!!

The Slot Rate for March will be only R220!!!
(Yes, that’s right, Two Hundred and Twenty Rand per slot)

This idea started by subsidizing coaching slots and team camera slots, but we tweaked the budget a bit more and now EVERYONE can benefit!

This was the whole idea when we called the JSC Tandem Project to life. Rather have our facilities benefit our members even more by keeping funds generated from it in the club, driven by our members, FOR our members!!!

Have a super week and don’t forget to book those jumps now!

In order to give jumpers maximum benefit on this offer, we will give preference to fun jumpers over tandems this month.

This offer will also include visiting jumpers, paying their daily membership fees!

See you at the Club!!!

Posted 4 February 2015

Good day everyone!

Thank you to all those who attended our AGM last Saturday! We do understand if you could not make it and thank you for all the Proxy forms we received.

The new JSC Committee for 2015/2016 is as follows:

Chairman: Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter
Treasurer: Pam Turner
Equipment Officer: Peter Hansen
Secretary/Admin: Hani Williams
Operations Manager: Stefan Griesel
Marketing Manager: Ilke Greeff
Grounds Manager: Gerrie Peyper

Most of the Committee for 2014/2015 offered to stand another year and the only addition is Gerrie Peyper in the position of Grounds Manager.
I am really excited and privileged to be part of this team!!!!

2015 is going to the best ever!

See you guys at the Club!!
Posted 9 January 2015

Hi everyone!

News Roundup

Just a reminder to diarise the 31st and make sure that you attend the AGM on the 31st of January 2015!!!

As previously communicated, the current JSC Committee members are willing to stand for another term. This I have to add, is wonderful news as the administration throughout this year ran like a clock, even through difficult times - wait till you see our huge plans in store for this coming year!!

This past year certainly put them to the test. When we (sadly) lost our jump ship, the Pac750xl, JSC Committee quickly managed to secure another turbine, purchase the fuel truck (thanks to our very successful JSC tandem project) and at the same time entered into contract with our fuel supplier, resulting in JSC’s aircraft operation now running at a higher profit than before. This, I have to add, was done with little or no inconvenience to our members.

Our other huge challenge being the low cost housing development adjacent to our Club grounds, causing young children curiously wandering over our runway, was successfully addressed by obtaining a “Clear View” Security fence from local Government to the value of Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Rand (R7,500,000.00). This took three years of intense negotiations and I am happy to report that the contractor confirmed this morning that the material will be starting to arrive on site in the course of this week. The groundwork already is in an advanced stage and we ought to see the structures going up very soon! The appointed contractor, SA Gate and Fence, estimates the fence to be completed at the end of March 2015!!!

This is a huge asset to JSC as we will own the fence and only on condition that we have to maintain it! The fence, without a doubt, will also contribute to the security in general, even safeguarding the smaller wildlife on our land that are so often being hunted by dog hunters – the fence will enclose our entire perimeter, isn't that great?!

I simply have to thank my Committee for their hard work, initiative and dedication. Many of their actions to ensure the smooth running of the club go totally unnoticed. For example, after arresting the culprits stealing our aircraft fuel a while ago (to sell as household paraffin, 500 litres of it), Committee members had to take 7 full days off work to testify in court proceedings, ensuring that justice prevails. This was done successfully without them receiving any compensation whatsoever.

Over and above that, being part of the Gauteng Tourism structure, JSC has to send a delegate to local tourism committee meetings to represent the club. Serves to mention that relations such as these place our club in the advantageous position it currently is, receiving such a huge investment as mentioned earlier.

Guys, the point I am actually making is that we are quick to point fingers and criticize, but so often, we have no idea of the sacrifices Committee members are making so we can all have fun over weekends. Besides their time, they also spend a considerable amount on personal phone bills and transport. Next time you see one of them, buy them a cold one, they surely have earned it!

As mentioned in an earlier mail, we have had a couple of exciting projects:

JSC Tandem Project:
Initially, we started with only one tandem rig and two dedicated JSC Tandem Instructors. This operation has grown to the extent where we already have two tandem rigs running full time! We will soon add another tandem system, bringing our fleet to a total of three tandem systems and a total of no less than 5 (five) dedicated JSC Tandem Instructors! Roger Cordeiro, with his years of experience, will be overseeing the operation, ensuring we stay safe and professional! As previously communicated, the revenue from this project is planned to be directed towards our members in the form of subsidised coaching slots and maybe even cheaper fun slots!!! (Watch this space) :)

Packing area:
We recently had the entire outside packing area paved and those who have already seen it, must agree that it looks spectacular! We have more exciting plans lined up, such as seating tables where members can sit down and chill and also packing mats to put on top of the paving (to spare the knees – some of us are stepping on in years).

Swoop Pond Water feed:
Our Swoop Pond now has water feed on tap, thanks to Gerrie Peypers who volunteered and who slaved a whole weekend to achieve this. Gerrie, thank you! Thanks to your efforts we will be able to irrigate throughout the year now. Francois repaired our irrigation system to the tee so we ought to see less dust and more green throughout 2015. Thank you Francois!

To all the JSC committee members and Club members who selflessly endeavoured to help improve our club and our sport, THANK YOU! It is YOU who make the difference!

Our Chief Instructor, Beverley Cosslett, her fellow Instructors, her team of Jump Masters and Coaches, thank you for keeping us all safe! (These guys deserve even colder beer.) Thank you for your time, your efforts and the sheer passion you pour into your important task. (Bev, you even got some okes to go on diet after checking their wing loading :)

2014 was a great year, let’s make 2015 even better!!

See you at the Club this weekend!

Have a safe and splendid year!
(Still standing for Chairman :)

Posted 6 January 2015

Hey guys!

AGM on 31 January

First of all, please allow me to wish you all a most prosperous 2015!

I am sure everyone is well rested and ready to take on all the new opportunities 2015 will bring to us! There are no challenges, only opportunities! :)

Guys, we are having our AGM on 31 January 2015 at 18:30!

Please make sure that your membership is current and that you are fully paid up so you can cast your vote!! I am happy to inform you that the majority of the current JSC Committee members are keen to stand for another year. We are delighted to mention that we have also received some interest from other members wishing to serve on the committee!

The current committee is as follows: 

Chairman: Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter
Chief Instructor: Beverly Cosslett
Treasurer: Pam Turner
Equipment Officer: Peter Hansen
Secretary/Admin: Hani Williams
Operations Manager: Stefan Griesel
Marketing Manager: Ilke Greeff
Grounds Manager: Ryan Weeks / Glen Durrant

Guys, should you wish to nominate someone for any of these positions, please confirm that they are willing to stand and send me a mail where you nominate the person for the specific position in question.

All nominations to be received no later than Friday the 23rd of January 2015.


Membership forms can be obtained here

If you can't make the meeting, download a proxy form here

We will make sure that we have a GREAT party after the meeting! More important, be at the AGM and participate in securing the future of our Club!

Blue skies

Posted 17 December 2014

Hi everyone!

What a year it was!

We have had our ups, our downs, good times, bad times and the heartbreakingly sad times having to bid our farewells to dear and much loved friends. (RIP)

It was also a year of exploring new and exciting avenues. Our very own JSC Tandem Operation is growing from strength to strength, generating the income to improve our infrastructure and facilities. We currently have two fully operational tandem systems, together with a fully equipped editing station and very soon, we will be the proud operators of a fleet of no less than THREE tandem systems!

With Stefan, Bailey, Roger, and our newest addition, Robbie Stuart (Antonio soon to follow :), we will be able to run an operation that will not only enable the club to grow in assets, but also in numbers. Part of the tandem income is meant to be directed to the development of our sport through subsidizing some of our activities, such as coaching etc.

Roger Cordeiro has accepted the position of JSC Tandem Portfolio Head and he will be guiding and mentoring our Tandem Instructors to ensure we run a safe and fluent operation. Roger, thank you for stepping up to the plate, your years of experience and expertise is priceless!

Although tandems market themselves by word of mouth, the final product on the shelf is what actually sells it. We have two phenomenal editors, and I would like to thank Jacques and Gareth for their outstanding work! Jacques, you said you could build a better "intro" for JSC than Dubai has and I have to admit, you are getting there! :)

In addition to the above, our very talented and dedicated marketing manager, Ilke Greeff, is doing a terrific job in getting JSC’s name out there, making sure the public knows about us.

Thanks to all this positive energy and passion, JSC could afford to purchase the fuel bowser truck and fuel storage equipment from the former PAC Partnership. This allowed us to purchase our own fuel and to operate at more affordable rates.

The fencing, believe it or not, at last, finally is in progress. The contractors have eventually broken ground and one can clearly see from the sky that something is now happening. The "Clear View" fence will enclose our entire property boundary, all 2,4 km’s of it, runway included. We expect to see the actual fence appearing in January and it should be completed end of March.

Those who have visited JSC recently would have noticed that we have now paved the entire packing area, allowing for a more comfortable and dust-free packing environment. Thanks to Gerrie Peyper, our Swoop Pond is also now looking better than ever! He single handedly installed a water feeder pipe from the top dam to the pond. Clean, clear water on tap! Gerrie thank you for your selfless efforts, it is highly appreciated!!!

The new JSC creepers (12 of them) were also managed by Gerrie and this will be of great value to JSC and visiting teams preparing for Nationals!

Barend has installed our new, latest upgrade in manifesting software. Our manifest and admin personnel (under Pam’s supervision) are busy undergoing training and we can’t wait to see the exciting features this will offer in the new year! Nicole, who already does a sterling job, will be outdoing herself once this is up and running!

The current JSC Committee boasts some of the most dynamic, energetic and inspirational persons I have ever had the privilege to work with. Some of these guys broke their backs for JSC this year, so please make sure to appreciate them and buy them a beer when you see them!!!!

If you think this was a good year, wait for 2015! :)

To all our fellow JSC members and skydivers, may you, your families and loved ones enjoy a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2015 and only experience soft winds and gentle landings, not only under canopy but also in everyday life!

See you all back at JSC on the 10th of January 2015!

Travel safe.

God Bless!



Posted 11 November 2014

Early bird catches the slot!

Hi everyone!

Please have a look at manifest. We will be starting up earlier in the mornings from now on (wheels up at 07:00).

Normally, the best jumping weather is earlier in the morning and also, starting up earlier will enable us to get in more loads for the day!

Please make sure that you are at the DZ an hour before your first jump and ensure that you are on time when your load is being called during the course of the day.

We are still experiencing loads being delayed due to jumpers taking their time walking out. Guys, please, this normally robs the poor guys of daylight on the later loads of the day. Please be sharp and keep track of manifest, waiting for your call!

We will definitely have to take an approach of lower tolerance towards jumpers delaying loads. Make a point of it to be prepared well in time for your jump and ensure that you manage your equipment (packing etc) proactively. This will make it easier to be on time when your load is being called.

Thanks guys!

See you at the Club!!
Posted 8 October 2014

Perris Spring Fling 2013

Big Way Camp Dates Released!

Hey everyone!!

Unfortunately this year the annual Big Way Camps scheduled to be held in Perris California had to make way for some fantastic Record events. But now that all that’s out of the way, you can start planning your trip to Perris to go and collect your Big Way Camp T-shirt and even a 100 Way Club membership badge while you’re at it!

The 2015 dates recently released by P3 (Kate Cooper Jensen) are as follows:

APRIL 30  – MAY 3 ...... P3 BIG WAY CAMP
MAY 7 – 10 ...... P3 100 WAY CAMP
MAY 13 – 17 ...... P3 SPRING FLING

Guys, this is beyond your imagination! You can log into the P3 website and read more about events at www.p3skydiving.com

The abovementioned events will only be communicated on their website as soon as registration opens!

If you ever wondered what Big Way Formations entail, go read this: www.perrisorganizers.com/bigway-basics.html

Into BIG STUFF?  Well, this is where you wanna be! :)

More news to follow later!!

Blue skies

[Read Pottie's report on Perris Spring Fling 2013]

Posted 15 September 2014

Tim Mace, a true skydiving legend. RIP.

Sad news

Hello everyone

It is always difficult to say goodbye to someone leaving us behind. This time, however, JSC did not only lose a true friend, but also a mentor who was a role model and a leader in so many different ways that he will always leave an empty space.

I do not know many men (if any) who are worthy of filling the shoes of Tim Mace. He was a true gentleman and a leading example to each and every one of us!

Tim always had time to assist those who are still young in the sport, taking them under his wing. He had a passion for teaching, sharing his incredible knowledge.

To those who were so fortunate to have experienced being taught by Tim Mace, embrace it! You have no idea how privileged you are.

Tim, Fly Free.


Posted 11 September 2014

Changes in JSC Committee

Hi everyone!

As the hectic life out there takes its course, it sometimes has an impact on our Club.

The following Committee members have indicated that their schedules no longer allow for them to be actively involved with the management of the Club and subsequently have to step down:

  • Liz Cooper (Equipment Officer)
  • Sean Schook (Grounds Manager)

I am delighted to announce the following two members' appointments in the JSC Club Committee. They are no strangers as they have already made considerable contributions to the management of our Club!

  • Equipment Officer: Peter Hansen
  • Grounds Manager: Ryan Weeks

Guys, please allow me to welcome you on-board, we are looking forward to working with you!!!

Liz, Sean, thank you for your hard work and support to JSC! Although we know you will always be available to assist where you can, we are sorry to see you go!

Last but not least, we have a celebrity on-board!!! Pam did a stunning interview on the 94.7 Breakfast Express Morning Show yesterday!! Even cornered Wackhead into a skydive! :) Well done!

Our perimeter fencing contractor now received the official tender award and has to complete site establishment within three weeks! Things are happening at JSC!!!!

Have a super second half of the week! See you at the Club!!

Blue Skies

Posted 16 July 2014

New Chief Instructor

Hi everyone!

With immediate effect, Beverly Cosslett is the new appointed Chief Instructor of Johannesburg Skydiving Club! Bev has filled this position before with great success and we are very privileged to have her as our Chief Instructor!

Bev, congratulations on your appointment, we are even more excited to welcome you on-board our JSC Committee!

Guys, being CI is an enormous responsibility with a huge workload. I want to call on each and every one of us to give Bev our full support. We must assist wherever we can to make her task as easy as possible!

Bev also being an AFF Instructor, makes this even more exciting as it will open up new opportunities in recruitment, especially when combining it with our very successful JSC Tandem Project!!!

Further good news is that we have received firm confirmation from local Government (Economic Development and –Planning) that our Clear-View Perimeter Security Fence is well on its way and development will start before the end of the year. (The fence will enclose the entire JSC, runway and swoop pond included.)

Exciting times, can’t wait!!!!

See you this weekend!!

Blue Skies

Posted 15 April 2014

JSC Tandems

Hey everyone!!

Our JSC Tandem Project has launched and is exceeding all expectations!

Joos Vos came up all the way from the Cape to assist us in signing off our brand new Tandem Instructors and I am happy to inform you that both Stefan Griesel and Bailey Edmonds have received their Tandem Instructor ratings!

Last weekend, we started up our brand new JSC Editing Suite and we were overwhelmed by the compliments we received for the great quality of our final product! We owe all the thanks to Ryan and Ilke who worked until late Friday night to start up our editing station and they have built us a DVD Intro we can be proud of!!

Guys, it is passion like yours that takes JSC forward! We deeply appreciate your efforts and we are proud to show off your handwork!

Watch this space, JSC has entered a new era!

Blue skies

Posted 3 March 2014

JSC Tandems

Hey Guys!!

Great news! JSC is in process of buying its first tandem rig! This will increase our income revenue and will put us in the position of launching the JSC Members’ Development Fund!

We hope to grow this concept to the point where we can decrease the rates of coaching slots and even the prices of Static Line and AFF courses!

This is a new field, but it is very exciting! The most exciting for sure, is the new structure of the JSC Committee! We had our first JSC Committee meeting and decided to bring in some new and younger blood. (We had to throw in one more old Geezer though – just to establish some balance.) :)

We have communicated this before, but just in case, please see below your new JSC Committee:

Chairman: Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter
Chief Instructor: Kevin Owen
Operations Manager: Stefan Griesel
Treasurer: Pam Turner
Equipment Officer: Liz Cooper
Secretary/Admin: Hani Williams
Grounds Manager: Sean Schook
Grounds Assistant: Glen Durrant
Marketing: Ilke Greeff

New Non Portfolio assisting members!!:

Barend Pretorius
Marius Vrey
Maryke Prinsloo
Gerrie Peyper
J Faber
Ryan Weeks

These members have been added for their individual expertise and commitment and will certainly add more energy to the growing of our Club! They will also form part of sub committees that will concentrate on specific areas, urgently in need of attention. (I am sure there are some more to follow.) :)

Guys, thanks for your commitment, we are looking forward to working with you!!

2014 is going to be the best year ever! There is some great news to follow on a very CRRRAAAAZZZZYYYY March Madness, but I will leave it to Stefan to share! :)

Take care, be safe!

Blue skies

Posted 25 February 2014

AGM outcome

Hi there everyone!

It is my pleasure to communicate the results of the AGM and to announce the committee for 2014/2015.

The new Committee is as follows:

Chairman: Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter

Treasurer: Pam Turner

Equipment Officer: Liz Cooper

Secretary/Admin: Hani Williams

Operations Manager: Stefan Griesel

Marketing: Ilke Greeff

Grounds Manager: Sean Schook

Assistant Grounds Manager: Glen Durrant

We do have quite a number of energetic guys who are going to come on board as non-portfolio members. We will communicate the rest of the details after our first committee meeting.

This year, we are going to make a huge effort to grow membership. The JSC Tandem Project and Development Fund was accepted at the AGM and we are going to use this fund to subsidize coaching slots as far as possible, specifically to help develop the sport.

We will post an events calendar on the JSC website so please watch this space! We need to get a couple of bigger formation events done before August when P3 Skydiving will be hosting their BIG WAY camp at Perris California! So far, quite a number of JSC members are making plans to attend this great event and believe me, it is well worth it!

Guys, get to the club and come skydive. Those who have become uncurrent, come back so we can get you back into the sky as quickly as possible!

2014 is going to be the best year ever!!!!

Blue skies

Posted 7 February 2014

Club AGM – 22 February

Hey guys!

We will be having our AGM on the 22nd of February 2014!

Please make sure that your membership is current and fully paid up so you can cast your vote!!

I am happy to inform you that the majority of the current JSC committee members are keen to stand for another year. We have also received some interest from other members wishing to serve on the committee.

The current committee is as follows: 

Chairman: Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter

Treasurer: Christo Pieterse

Equipment Officer: Liz Cooper

Secretary/Admin: Hani Williams

Operations Manager: Stefan Griesel

Grounds Manager: Glen Durrant

Unfortunately, Christo Pieterse has indicated that he will not be standing for another term. Christo, thank you for the hard work and we do appreciate your continuous efforts in making JSC’s finances run smoothly. Very few of us actually are aware of the volume of work you had on your hands, but you excelled and you will be sorely missed!!

Guys, should you wish to nominate someone for ANY of these positions, please confirm that they are willing to stand and send me a mail where you nominate the person for the position in question. So far, we have received a nomination for Pam Turner as Treasurer. If there are any other nominations, please let us know!

The committee for 2014, in addition to the above, will also accommodate a portfolio for Marketing and Advertising. Please don’t hesitate to become part of the committee if you are keen on standing.

All nominations to be received no later than Thursday, the 20th of February.


Membership forms can be obtained here.

We will make sure that we have a GREAT party after the meeting! More important, be at the AGM and participate, it is the only way you can participate and have your say in the future of your club!

Blue skies

Annual tonto Boogie at JSC, 8-10 November 2013
Posted 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone,

While everybody is all over the Globe having a ball of a time, I thought I’d catch your inbox and just wish all a fantastic 2014!!!

Firstly, please allow me to thank everyone for making 2013 a fantastic year! A club is not about facilities, it is about people. I am sure all will agree that the most important are the people who are responsible for operating the running of the mill. We are blessed with a dynamic, motivated committee. We are even more blessed with our safety staff, who selflessly and continuously give their all to keep us all safe. Thank you guys, you are terrific!

Without dedication in service delivery, we will get nowhere. The PAC Partnership ALWAYS comes through for us, no matter what! Even in bad times, their service excels, keeping JSC the stunning Club it is! Norman, Brendon, please convey our thanks to the rest of your partners!

We did hit a bit of rough water with our canteen this year. However, Ian, Yvonne and kids came to our rescue to save the day! I am sure I speak for all when I say that we are delighted to see you back at JSC! Ian, you guys are doing a sterling job with a great smile and family warmth. Thank you for that!

We have great things ahead of us this year! For one, we are having our DZ (entire premises) fenced in and this will have a huge impact on safety in general. Local Government has budgeted substantially towards this project and work is expected to commence in February.

We are planning a huge party for our opening weekend. The idea is that the JSC New Years Opening Party should outshine the Year End Party of 2013, so please don’t be a fader and see that you promptly report for duty in sharing this glorious occasion. (NOT TO BE MISSED!)

To all our skydiving family and friends out there – have a super prosperous and safe 2014!!!

Bring it on!

Posted 12 November 2013

tonto Boogie 2013

Annual tonto Boogie at JSC, 8-10 November 2013


Nothing better than having your expectations exceeded!

We started off with the bigger ways on Friday and I really have to say that the start up already exceeded our expectations. Norman, Ralph and I never thought we’d see skydiving of this level and I must admit that it exceeded our expectations.

The discipline, the flying skills and the passion was fantastic! This actually reminded me why I love FS Big Ways so much. The group started off on Friday, mainly doing 14 way formations, but  what really blew us away was that we never had less than 12 people completing the formation with only one or two out.

On Saturday, we increased the formation to 18 and 20 way formations. The quality of the skydives increased with each and every jump, leading us to hope for a 20 way completion. However, our last jump on Saturday did not deliver a completion, and we stood it over for briefing on Sunday at 07:00 to have wheels up at 08:00.

Saturday evening, to say the least, was magnificent. Bruce Askham and Tammy produced live music entertainment that fired up the best party JSC has experienced in a long time! The bar was humming, and I really have to compliment Ian, his family & staff for their excellent friendly service. The food they prepared in the canteen was fantastic!

Sunday morning, I got up early (yes, I know it sounds a bit far fetched, especially with Ian’s cheap bar prices, but I do have several witnesses who can confirm this). The whole twenty way was ready for briefing at seven. Some were a bit worn out, following their efforts to help close the bar. However, they persevered and we managed to get a couple of loads up.

We were honoured by having world known organizers sharing our air space. The Wing Suiting World Record formation organizer, Taya Weiss made sure that our local wing suit flyers had a fantastic time. With the help of Ollie, our SSA WS Chairperson, they put some wing suit flocking formations together, introducing the newest Squirrel demo wing suits in the process.

Scott Plamer and Paul Ferryman blew everybody’s mind with their excellent skills in free flying. This made the 2013 tonto boogie an event to remember!

We are blessed to have the selfless support of our aircraft operators. These guys, at their own expense, bent backwards to accommodate us and help make this boogie the huge success it turned out to be. It was a wonderful experience to see our PAC partnership and Angel Way taking hands to pull this off. Norman and Brendon participating in our events and Graham Gordon personally overseeing his operation to ensure that it all runs smoothly. Guys, words fail me. You are fantastic!

Liz Cooper, the absolute Angel she is, did a STERLING job with manifest. She did, however, develop a lack of tolerance when we hijacked Danni, her manifest officer, to join us in our formation, but she really gave her all to keep that wonderful smile. (At times I mistook it for a grind of teeth, but then having had a late night I could be mistaken). :)

On a serious note – Liz you are a blessing! Thank you for your hard work, running the entire operation, while the rest of us were having a jol! You ROCK!! (I told Ralph that too, he mentioned something about bringing you breakfast in bed for the next six months. ) :)

The guys with the hardest job this weekend (other than Liz), our Pilots. Guys, formating planes for big formations is not an easy task. Over and above that, you have to deal with ATNS, weather conditions, skydivers taking their time on exit, and worst of all, the safety staff! You guys excelled, giving us stable platforms to launch from on each and every skydive! Thank you for keeping us safe!

Way forward:

  • More big way events. (My, Ralph and Norman’s job)
  • More fun, more often (Stefan’s job)
  • Great JSC spirit (everyone’s job)

To the most important people, our visitors: Thank you for joining us. We were honoured to host this event with you guys being a part of it! We are eagerly looking forward to your next visit – and to the Capetonians, yes, we admit. We do NOT have a mountain, but we DO have some slime dams, surrounded by a load of warmth and personality!

Thanks guys! It was a privilege to share the skies with you!

Blue Skies

Posted 7 October 2013

 Chairman's Report 

Canteen & Bar

Good day all!

I am sure all will agree that it is good to have Ian and Yvonne back in our canteen! We are really excited about this!

We recently put out an invitation to tender on both the Canteen and the Bush Pub and after thorough and hard thinking (it wasn’t easy), the committee awarded both the tenders for the Canteen and the Bush Pub to Ian and Yvonne. The criteria used, was focused on price and value add. Soon, we will also have snacks served in the bar to start with! :)

Marius and Jo, on behalf of all our members, you have done a sterling job! Marius can now stop bartending and start with his ratings – Ralph, a jump masters course to start with? :)

Thank you the cold beer and warm atmosphere! Since you guys aren’t going anywhere, you can start by taking your place on OUR side of the counter! :)


Posted 14 August 2013

Big-Way Skydiving

Perris Spring Fling 2013

Hi all,

Getting involved in big-way skydiving is so fulfilling that I just cannot help sharing it. I have given this a lot of thought, especially since attending a couple of big-way camps with P3 in Perris, California and learning that there were skydivers with less than 300 jumps outperforming skydivers with way more jump numbers.

Big-way skydiving is all about discipline and positive attitude, experience will be issued at the camp. :)  The camp is a big way formation introduction camp where you can walk away with a 60-way in the bag. You can always stay a week longer and up the score to a 100-way, with a Club100 patch complete!

Now, imagine we rally up a bunch of South Africans, do a block booking on an unsuspecting airline and have one heck of a ball...

I already started discussing this with the P3 team and they think it is a brilliant idea. Now, if we plan this for the camp held  in the first week of September 2014, budgets can be proactively prepared, permissions negotiated and we have loads of time to start with preperations to ease the confidence with some big way introduction events at JSC!

We do have our own share of skygods available, such as Tim Mace, Paul "Simba" Marcellin, Grumpy, Ralph and we can already start having fun, building up to the big event. Guys, worst case scenario (given that you spend conservatively) is R40,000. This includes airfare, accommodation, jumps and one hell of a blast! (Given also, that the Rand holds its pose.)

Go to www.p3skydiving.com and see what it is all about. You will have to complete an online "CV" to qualify for the camp, but this IS a learning camp, so don’t be too surprized if you do qualify. :)

If you are interested, even cautiously optimistic, please forward me your details.

Let’s go play.

JSC Chairman

Read Pottie's report on Perris Spring Fling 2013

2 July 2013

No Smoking in the Cutaway Pub at JSC

Smokin' !!!

Hey guys,

We have received numerous requests from members to familiarize ourselves with smoking regulations in public places :)

There are several opinions, wide theories and interpretations regarding this burning matter and we had quite a workshop during our last committee meeting to brainstorm all of them. After a smouldering discussion, the committee has come to an unanimous decision:

In respect of the law (as law abiding citizens) and acknowledgement of the fact that non-smokers would actually appreciate to socialize with smokers over a cold beer without the fear of failing their insurance medical due to excessive smoke inhalation, we decided to abide by the law.

The Cutaway Pub, unfortunate to some, fortunate to others and healthier to all, now, officially, is declared a non-smoking zone.

PLEASE don’t assault, threaten or otherwise abuse our barman when he brings this to your attention as he is only adhering to regulations. We do realize that, sometimes, " the service sucks" (just joking Marius :) but this does not give us reason to become verbally abusive and take advantage of his humble and quiet personality.

We do not want to Police the matter and kindly request all members to help us enforce this rule. Anyone found smoking in the bar, could face the danger of having to buy a round.

Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated.

Blue Skies

29 May 2013

Perris Spring Fling 2013

Remember the last time we attended the 2012 Spring Fling Festival in Perris Valley, California? (see 2012 report here)  When I said it was the most complex formation and the best event ever? Well, it changed!

We just attended the 2013 Spring Fling Festival Invitational in Perris and, don’t ask me how they did it, but this was even better!

Ok, so last year’s formation, the Perris Wheel, was a 151-way. We had to build a wheel in free-fall, consisting of 151 skydivers, and although, at start, it did not seem at all possible, we actually managed to complete it, and what a beautiful formation it turned out to be!! :)

This year, it was a tad smaller – "only" 125 skydivers. Although the number might make it seem easier, don’t let it fool you. These guys managed to dig up an even more difficult and complex formation which they named the Perris Flower and it was just as beautiful as it was complicated. Each and every skydiver, from the start, when laying this out on the ground, HAD to line up on an exact angle. If one body closer to the base was off-centre by 10 centimetres, it could have an effect of the outside being off-centre by a metre or more! Ok, NO pressure! :)

Perris Spring Fling 2013
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On the first day, after a warm welcome from the P3 Organizer Team, we were instructed to view the noticeboard where all participants already were dealt into their respective slots. To kick off, there were three seperate formations, namely a 25-way (base) and two bigger formations, a 40-way and 60-way. These formations kicked off separately and were introduced to jumpers under the sharp eyes off the appointed Team Captains/ Organizers. Once again, the calm, patient and professional approach of these guys was nothing short of remarkable. I got the opportunity to start off in the 60-way formation and my good mate Marius Vrey, was placed in the 25 way base.

Marius Vrey and Eugene 'Pottie' Potgieter at Perris Spring Fling 2013

We started by doing 5 skydives on the Wednesday, and on our debrief for the day we were informed that we were going to attempt the full 125-way the very next morning! The next day, Thursday, we started to put this masterpiece together and at the end of the day we got to realize that this was not as "easy" as we hoped it would be! We had difficulty in closing the formation due to angles not correctly lined up for closing off the lines on the outside.


Perris Spring Fling 2013
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On Friday, the 3rd day, we had some bad weather blowing in and this gave us more than enough time to do some urgent groundwork. After some careful engineering and adjustments made by Dan BC, Kate Cooper and the rest of the talented P3 squad, we started to see the bigger picture falling into place. We were actually going to build this thing! We got to do one 125 way attempt and things really started to get together!

On Saturday morning, we kicked off bright and early and managed to get in 4 jumps in total. We REALLY hoped to get it waxed as we had the event dinner that evening and the beer would taste a lot sweeter if we could celebrate a completion. However, although the pictures really started looking nice, it was not completed by the end of the day.

Perris Spring Fling 2013
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On Sunday morning, the final day of the event, we were up and ready even earlier (maybe because we couldn’t sleep :) We kicked off and on jump two, we actually nailed it! The flower bloomed over Perris and the dream became a reality!!!

We were just starting to "High-Five" each other when Dan Brodsky Chenfield, highly respected skydiver and writer of the book "Above All Else", informed us that we are going turn this 125-piece flower into a second point!!! The second point would consist of three inner circles where everyone actually had to break grips and fly to the next point. There would be no shortcut of dropping a few grips and picking up a few others to form a different picture! No, you actually had to get your sh_t together to pull this off!!!

We did two attempts on that second point, and every time we were quicker in building the first point. In fact, it almost seemed easy! Well, we nearly got that second point, but not quiite...  Long story short, we nearly completed a 2-point 125-way skydive, and I am sure two more jumps and we would have done it!!

Perris Spring Fling 2013 (photo copyright Juan Mayer Photography)
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November, we are on our way for yet another breath-taking event, again with P3, to be held in Arizona. This time, it will be to set a series of sequential World Records on formations of different sizes, including a 200-way plus!!!

Big Way Formation Skydiving indeed is BIIIG, way beyond one’s wildest imagination. You cannot explain it in words, you HAVE to experience it!

Maybe a good idea to get a South African group of skydivers together for a Big Way introduction camp in Perris next year?

Blue Skies

For more photos, check out the Photo Gallery »

29 May 2013

AGM this Saturday!

Hey guys, don’t forget! We will be having our AGM on the 1st of June 2013!

Please make sure that your membership is current and fully paid up so you can cast your vote!!

So far, we have received some interest of members wishing to serve on the committee:

Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter

Christo Pieterse

Equipment Officer:
Liz Cooper

Hani Williams

Operations Manager:
Stefan Griesel
Sean Schook

Grounds Manager:
Glen Durrant

Should you wish to nominate someone else for any of these positions, please confirm that they are willing to stand and send me a mail where you nominate the person for the position in question.

Those with enquiries regarding your membership are welcome to contact Hani for more info.

If you can’t attend the AGM, please download the Proxy Form from our Documents webpage and cast your votes for the new committee!

Also remember to book your dinner with Jo – see menu and details here – cost is R90 per meal.

See you on Saturday!

Blue Skies

7 May 2013

Calling All Members!

Hi everyone

Well, definitely a bit overdue but not too late :)

It is time for our AGM again and we are planning to have it on the 1st of June 2013. We need all our members to attend and we will make sure that we have the necessary entertainment in place to make it well worth your while just being there! :)

The AGM is the one time in the year where you can give your input, support and participation to help build our club to an even better model it already is! If anyone is keen on getting onboard with the new 2013-2014 committee, please drop me a mail as we need all the help we can get.

Keep the date open, more info to follow!!!

Blue Skies

30 January 2013

Swoop Pond – we need your help!

Good day all!

It seems that there is a lot of concerned rumours flying around regarding the swoop pond at JSC.

Ok, so here is a heads-up:

We are currently draining the last of the water in the pond whereafter we will clean it out, fix it and start filling it by end of next week. We did have a few issues between one of the local mines and department of water affairs regarding our water supply, but that now seems to be something of the past.

We will be rectifying the wall on the side of the run-off and we are already gathering all our equipment, stands, lasers etc. We will have the pond ready by end of February and we will communicate as we progress.

We desperately need all the help we can get, be it advice, manpower or whatever you have to offer.

Please feel free to contact me directly, should you be interested in assisting. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and the more input we receive, the better the outcome!

Thanks guys!

Have a great rest of the week!


15 January 2013

Calling all Teams !

Hi everyone

We are getting closer to Nationals and it is time for some serious training!

The PAC Partnership, as usual, stepped up to the plate with a special team offer:

Commit to more than 100 jumps (25 x 4 way) and the camera slot is free!

Thanks Norman and Brendon! You guys are the best!

We have had some enquiries from teams wanting to jump on Fridays. If we have at least two 4way teams jumping on a Friday, we will start up the PAC for you!

We will provide for Fridays on premanifest, so do your team planning, communicate with other teams and book your slots!!

Email premanifest@jsc.co.za and CC hani@jsc.co.za and include all details and names of jumpers.

Time to play!

1 January 2013

Happy New Year !

Hi everyone

The way 2012 just swooped past us, is nothing short of incredible!

At the end of each successful year, we often neglect to stop for a second, remembering to thank those who kept us safe and looked after throughout the year.

Our safety staff, manifest officers, packers and everyone else working hard behind the scenes – guys, thank you for keeping us safe this year. I don’t want to start mentioning names as I fear leaving someone out. You guys rock! Without your input, we will go nowhere! Kevin, you have built a team we truly are proud of!

The PAC Partnership also needs mentioning, they have really given us fantastic support throughout last year, even after having experienced some serious challenges after engine damage to BLU. Norman, Brendon, please convey our thanks to your partners. You guys really are a HUGE asset to JSC!!

Sadly, we had to see Ian, Yvonne and Sean leaving us, but we do understand that they have quite a number of weekends to catch up on some family quality time. Ian, you guys are leaving a HUGE pair of shoes to fill! Thank you for the great food and even more, your cherished friendship with our club! (Should anyone know of anybody interested in taking over the canteen, please ask them to forward a proposal to Hani at hani@jsc.co.za)

I am sure I will be drinking warm beer for the whole duration of 2013, should I neglect to convey our thanks to Marius and Jo of our Cutaway Pub. Guys, for the cold beer and the warm atmosphere, thank you!

We have some exciting stuff worth looking forward to – the 2013 Nationals is to be hosted by JSC. This will include all disciplines, including swooping. We will have our pond completely cleaned out and freshened up for this great event!

Guys, unfortunately, the economic climate has yet again forced our hand to review our slot rates. Our new slot and course rates are displayed on our pricing webpage so please check it out as this will help prevent astonished and surprized reactions when paying for your first jumps of 2013 :)

Please also allow me to wish each and every one of our members a wonderful 2013! May you only experience great skydives, soft winds and gentle landings.

Travel safe and return home safely.

Warm wishes,

14 December 2012

The year has gone !

Hello everyone

I still find it hard to believe that another year has gone! Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

This coming weekend is our closing weekend for 2012 so please come out and have some fun with us! We are planning a fancy dress party with loads of beer and some fun skydiving. Please find some time to come and join us!

To everyone who selflessly contributed to help JSC remain at the top of the list of skydiving clubs in South Africa, thank you! This includes our CI, his safety staff, jumpmasters, Lizzy (soon to be a mom – congratulations!! :), ground staff, our strict treasurer Christo, pilots and the ever magnificent PAC partnership!

To my committee, guys, you actually succeeded in putting the shine back into the club! Thank you for the long hours of hard work and thank you for slaving away in manifest, reconciling, while we are already busy drinking beer in the bar.

Oh yes, the bar... Marius & Jo, you guys rock! The beer is always cold. Bloody expensive, but cold :)

Sad to say that we will be saying good-bye to some members of our family. Ian, Yvonne and Sean Divers will be leaving us to take a rest on weekends. Guys your food always was superb! But the best was the friendly, warm service and the family atmosphere. (Ian is a bit of a cynical, sarcastic bugger, but once we got used to him we really.... uhm, well.... got used to him :)) – Just joking – we miss you guys already! May God bless you on your way forward and may you only experience success and prosperity in your new business ventures!

The best always left for last. Thank you to our members. Without you, there is no club! Thank you for being who you are, always making JSC a fun place to be. You ROCK!

See you all this coming weekend!!!

Put your party hats on!!!!!!

To those we will not see before next year, may you enjoy a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2013! Travel safely and come home well rested!!

Warm wishes,

6 September 2012

PAC Partnership will be parking two planes at JSC for us to play with! A big welcome to NKH :)

JSC is new home for NKH !

Hi everyone

As from this weekend, PAC Partnership will be parking two planes at JSC for us to play with! (click to enlarge photo)

NKH will be at the DZ every weekend and can be used for extra lift capacity. I am a bit of a spoiled turbine brat myself, but I am sure there will be a lot of beer going around on "firsts" regarding Cessna jumps! :)

But wait!! That is not all! The PAC Partnership also generously supported JSC (as usual) even further, enabling us to reduce slot rates on the PAC to R200 (own rig) and R300 (club rig) per jump on Friday and Sunday afternoons! This will only be from 2-6pm, but the PAC will take off irrespective of filled slots!

Please note: As in the case with everything else, (safety) terms and conditions will apply – no plane will take off before the CI nods his head! :)

So guys, discuss it with your boss and if necessary beg, bribe, bullsh_t, or whatever, but just get there! Fridays will never be the same after this!!

There are more than enough slots available! We will communicate the availability of duty instructors and safety staff for each Friday (check manifest). Sundays might be easier :)

Get to the club!

Blue Skies

20 June 2012

Sad news

Hi everyone

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that a well-respected and much loved fellow skydiver has recently left us. Joe van Zyl passed away on Monday afternoon, 18 June. Joe is well known for his Zenith helmets he manufactured (I also own one).

May you rest in peace, Joe.

Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

As soon as more word is received regarding funeral/memorial arrangements, it will be communicated.



24 May 2012

P3 100 Way and 150 Way camps, Perris Skydiving Centre, California (May 2012)

About a year ago Marius Vrey and I took the “crazy” decision to apply for the “Triple Crown” event to be held by P3 at Perris Skydiving in California, USA, over three weeks from beginning of May 2012. We had attended a “Big Way” camp before which was followed by a “Hundred Way” camp, but then we managed to return home only with a partial completion (95). However, that still was a high accomplishment for us as we had only completed something like a 34 way at that stage.

When we arrived, the staff and organizers of P3 who were presenting the “Big Way” camp, welcomed us and gave us a thorough heads-up on what to expect. The first, middle and last thing of importance here was to be safe and have fun while doing it. These guys impressed us with their warm, motivational and professional approach in hosting these events. Very few details got past them and NO safety related issues went by unnoticed. For one, you could not just turn and track. There was an assigned Tracking Group Leader who would lead his group to safety. This group stays together from break off at 7500 feet and track in touching distance from one another until 4500 feet where they should start to fan out to clear for deployment. Now THIS was cool!

The “Big Way” camp was a “learning” camp. You were expected to make mistakes so you and fellow skydivers could learn from these mistakes. This went exceptionally well and in total we did 18 jumps for the duration of this camp. A thorough video debrief would be held after every jump. Every afternoon all the organizers would line up, call everyone together and discuss the events of the day. It also is custom to include the celebration of new “round numbers” as Kate Cooper (one of the event organizers) would call it, being 500th, 5000th jump or whatever the case may be.

Click to see more photos »
Click image to see more photos »

The training and experience you built up at this camp was phenomenal! We started off with 30 way formations and ended up by completing a 60 way formation at the end of the camp. This really was cool! After the “Big Way” camp, you get three days to wander off and see some of the USA. There is a LOT to see within driving distance, such as Universal Studios (where they make the movies), Six Flags (best roller coaster joy rides I have ever experienced), Palm Springs Cable Way (something like Table Mountain on steroids) and  the Mid Way Aircraft Carrier which recently got decommissioned and opened as a tourist attraction.

After our three day travel experience, we reported at P3, Perris for the 100 way camp. Although slightly less relaxed than the Big Way camp, you are still supposed to have fun (but in moderation). You are being reminded that this is more serious (more jumpers in the sky) and that this would be the time where it would be advisable to apply whatever you have learned and took ownership of during the Big Way camp prior to this one. We had approximately 160 jumpers who had registered for the 100 way camp. P3 would break the camp up in a 100 Way and a 60 Way formation. Marius Vrey and I were both approved for the 100 Way camp!!!

We started jumping at a higher altitude (16500 feet) and we were briefed on how to use the oxygen equipment for this purpose. I was really not feeling myself that first day (I’ll blame it on flu or something). First, I flew a rather “messy” approach, not quite on my radial. (Boet, if there is ONE thing you don’t f_ck around with on a “Big Way” formation, it is your radial (line of approach). The second thing that goes with that, is your “stadium” (height of approach, somewhat of a “glideslope” to the docking slot). Well, on jump one I managed to test and fail the first rule and on jump two, the second, causing me to miss a grip and drop on the formation (I still think it floated on me :)). However, I did manage to get back into my slot before break-off. This, needless to say, completely unsettled me. I mean, I HAD this! How was this possible?

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, who was the main organizer, looked me up where I was busy packing and gave me some good advice. Boet, the bigger the formation, the more you have to CHILL! I was busy reading his book he recently got published, “ABOVE ALL ELSE”, so I thought it wise to listen to him, he just might know what he was talking about. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, he was a world champion in four way, but that was a way smaller formation than this one. However, should you read his book, you will find him to be a man who just NEVER gives up, any goal is achievable, depending on just how much you really want it.

Click to see more photos »
Click image to see more photos »

The next day, I followed his advice and man! What a day! We completed three 100 way formations in a row!! Couldn’t believe us doing a “hat trick” on that one!!  The following day, some of the jumpers had to stand down for the guys who have proven themselves worthy on the 60 Way, so all could get a go at the 100 Way. Marius and I were not requested to step down. At first, it went slow with guys ending up low, etc, etc (no, I wasn’t one of them). On the last day of the 100 Way camp on the last attempt, we managed to land yet another completed 100 Way!!! Wow! Four 100 Ways completed in the same week! That night, the beer was sweet! (Especially after being informed that we were both approved for the 150 Way “Perris Wheel Formation” camp to follow). We were now officially proud members of the “P3 100 Way Group”.

This time we had a shorter break, only two days. We asked Dan what he would recommend we do on our “weekend pass”. He suggested we go to Las Vegas. However tempting, we thought it wise to avoid that in respect of budget related constraints and to just lie low for the two days. We did, however, visit the Air Museum 10 minutes drive away from Perris Skydiving Club. There was a huge selection of planes, fighter jets etc, one could go and admire.

After our two days of chilling, washing clothes (yes, believe it or not) and shopping for snacks and whatever we thought we could acquire a taste for during the next camp, we reported for the 150 Way INVITATIONAL Camp briefing.

Now, just from meeting the guys registering, I could tell that this was a different ball game. Everyone around us was wearing either 100 Way Club, 200 Way Club or “World Team” badges. Ok, the World Team Formation was a tad bigger than this one – it was a 400 Way.

What immediately struck us was the humble and friendly approach from these guys. I expected them to have a bit of an “air” around them but instead, they were as down-to-earth as any normal person. Lining up in dirt-diving, they would not hesitate to share their knowledge and experience. This was amazing. The next amazement was this formation these guys thought it possible for us to build. This formation had the shape of a wheel with an axle and five spokes, hence the name “Perris Wheel”. Now, THIS seemed to be a tall order. But, the more the organizers briefed us, the closer this “monstrosity” seemed to be an achievable formation. We gave it couple of shots with some entertaining consequences, but on day three (it was a five day camp) we nailed it with 151 jumpers in the formation on the first jump of the day. What an experience! What an indescribable sense of achievement! We did it! One or two more, and then we could maybe add in a second point. Wow! Being part of a two point 151 Way formation just seemed unreal!

Click to see more photos »
Click image to see more photos »

The next day we started working toward this, but being over-eager just took its toll. The more we tried, the more complicated it became. Jump for jump we tried until we got to the final jump of the camp. This jump was the final one, our last chance. Everyone was geared for this. We could do it! However, soon after exiting the seven planes flying in perfect formation, we f_cked up.... Some guys were so low that we wondered if they even took off with us.

Subsequently, we never did get to that second point. HOWEVER, this leaves an achievable goal for yet another day.

To sum it up: Don’t ever think that you cannot do it, because you can! Secondly, don’t make this one of your bucket list items “to do one day” because chances are good that you won’t.

Do it now and get the experience of being part of a selected group of highly disciplined, precision body-flight experts who are a life-enriching experience just to meet.

Life is good, go live it!

Blue Skies

(see 2013 report here)

18 April 2012

Good things to come!

Hi everyone!

Thank you to all who attended our AGM! We had a great party. Brad and Taz supplied great music while Marius and Jo kept the cold stuff going! Ian and Yvonne prepared a magnificent meal and everything was just brilliant!

The entire committee of 2011/2012 was re-elected again and I am confident that 2012/2013 will be a year to remember! There is so much positive energy flowing and we have brilliant support from our entire safety staff!

This year must be a year of caring for one another, especially for our younger members. We launched a mentoring programme where students will be placed under the wing of their respective jumpmasters who can assist, advise and motivate them throughout their progression right up to Cat III and beyond.

We will be promoting all the various disciplines to form and drive their respective portfolio sub-committees. This will contribute to all disciplines being developed to their fullest potential. We have all the expertise and experience amongst us, let’s put it to use!!

Guys, let’s please make a point of making our newer members feel part of our family from day one! This will make 2012/2013 the year of growing JSC more than ever before!

Blue skies, soft winds gentle landings to all!


20 December 2011

Hi everyone!

Last weekend really was special! We had brilliant weather, brilliant skydives and brilliant people to share it with! Thanks to Lizette, Traci, Natasha, Hani, Avril (Kevin’s better half), Jo and the rest of the team, the orphan Christmas party was a huge success! Some members really donated generously and thank you to each and every member who contributed in making this day so special!

These kids really had a day to remember. Papa Roy took the “Santa slot” and did a swell job! – not that I am surprised :) Guys, you really are a great bunch of people and sometimes we do not always appreciate each other as much as we should.

We had a brilliant Christmas party and the evening rocked away to the vibes supplied by our very own skydiving DJ’s, Brad and Tazz who were great as usual! Marius and Jo also made sure the beer was cold and plenty!  

Thank you all for a great year! Thank you for your friendship, thank for your fellowship and thank you for just being a great family. Like any other family, we also have our “in-laws”, “outlaws” and distant whatever’s, but we still are mellow bunch, aren’t we?

On a more serious note, we are about to hear our “ditters” go for the year 2011, heading for 2012 leaving some of our team mates behind who will be sorely missed. To some, this will be a difficult time and we think of each and every one who will be setting one less place at their table this year. May God bless you and give you comfort over this time – our thoughts are with you.

Friends, wherever you may travel over this Festive Season, please do so safely and return to JSC well rested and in high spirit. Those of you taking the long road to J-Bay, please drive safe.

May you all be blessed and may you experience a fantastic 2012!

Blue Skies

7 November 2011


What a boogie!!!!

Saturday started off with some great skydives. Taya Weiss and Jeff Neblekopf graced us with their presence and we experienced some breath-taking wing suit piloting and videography!! (This oke is so good you would think the footage comes from Photoshop!) Taya has been driving this boogie with tremendous effort and her only return on this huge investment is the passion she manages to flare up in this great discipline amongst our local skydivers. Taya, your noble efforts are not going by unnoticed, that you can be sure of. Thank you for your dedication.

The boogie was a roaring success! Thanks to Derek Wood and Chris Williams the DZ was in immaculate shape, we even had some shade at boarding point! Chris replaced our shade netting that was stolen with some temporary shade netting that not only looked good but also did a perfect job!! Derek made sure all stayed safe and he did a fantastic job in managing our air space.

Saturday night entertainment in the Cutaway Pub was arranged by Marius and Jo. The Dee-Jays in fact, are two of our very own JSC members, namely Brad and Tazz, who absolutely rocked the house! The food at the canteen, as usual, was brilliant. Yvonne prepared a curry noodle salad that was out of this world!  

The most important is our Pac Partnership guys. Norman and Brendon are always willing to step the extra hundred miles to make our club work. Whatever we ask, they will accommodate as far as reasonably possible. They already donated free camera slots for any 4 or 8 way team that trains at JSC. Besides that they also covered Taya’s organizing slots for the tonto boogie. Guys, keeping a plane in the sky is not cheap. Slot numbers are down, fuel prices are up and yet these guys bend over backwards to grow our sport. We do not realize how blessed we are to have them in our corner. Norman, Brendon please know that we appreciate everything you are doing for us. You guys are the best!!!!!

The skydivers visiting from other drop zones such as Robertson and Rustenburg brought both skill and colour to this event. Thanks for your support guys, it was a pleasure and an honour to have you at JSC!!

Stay safe all,

Check out some photos posted by Linda Meyering Steyn on her Facebook page...

5 September 2011

I just want to thank each and every person who contributed in making Jarrod's Memorial day something special. Chucky’s ashes were released in the sky yesterday by Rainer on a tandem skydive executed by Glen Vermeulen while accompanied by close friends and members under their canopies.

After that Roger did a fly-by that was truly spectacular. There was a lot of effort put into this by a lot of friends and members. Guys, what can I say? You’re the best!!!!

Blue Skies


16 May 2011

Hi everybody!

Let me start by saying thank you for your trust in me by electing me as Chairman of JSC. I am really excited and I must say that we have a very dynamic committee this year! The new JSC committee is as follows:

Operations Officer: Derek Wood
Treasurer: Christo Pieterse
Equipment Officer: Kevin Owen
Admin Officer: Hani Labuschagne
Grounds Manager: Andre de Klerk
Chief Instructor: Beverley Cosslett (NSTO Appointed)
Chairman: Eugene Potgieter
Marketing and Website: Traci Scerri
IT & Hardware Support: Chris Botha
Finance: Dave van der Merwe

I am sure that all will agree that this can only be a winning team! JSC went through rough and stormy waters and were it not for Derek Wood and his team who steered her back to safety, we would not have had the privilege of receiving the club in such good condition. Derek, you certainly proved yourself under difficult circumstances. Your open and friendly approach in your frequent communications really brought peace of mind to all of us. (Guys, in his capacity of Operations Officer, Derek will continue to ensure that everyone stays well informed of all the happenings at our club).

Derek and his team did a splendid job, but we still have a lot of challenges ahead of us before getting everything back on track. Although we are truly honoured by being appointed as the custodians of JSC, we can only succeed with the help and support of our membership. I want to call on each and every member to support the committee when and wherever you can. These guys are not getting paid for what they are doing and I would think it only fair to assist them in such a way that their families, jobs and businesses are not being sacrificed in the process.

Enough of the serious stuff. For way too long we were entangled in so many unpleasant issues at JSC that we lost our way in friendly family atmosphere. Well, we want it back and the only way to do that is to bring the warmth and the fun back to our club. Fun events, such as boogies and parties and just making it a fun place to be (not too soon on the parties please, I am still recovering from last night :)

That will be our mission for this term.

Soft winds, gentle landings to all!!!

JSC Chairman

9 May 2011

As you can all feel by now winter is slowly creeping in and that means only one thing............ Come out & play with us at JSC this coming weekend!

Not only are we going to skydive the whole weekend but in addition the Atmo Skills Boogie will start on Friday 13th and continue into the weekend.
For those who want to know more about this discipline, you can

We have a huge weekend coming up with our AGM on Saturday 14th and soon after a party to remember. Please remember the BLU theme as well as purchasing blue balloons to raise funds. As promised 'BLUFALLO' milk will be served.

This past weekend produced 9 loads on Saturday and 10 loads on Sunday. Once again we experienced weather holds. But skydive we will and once the cloud base lifted everybody was back in the air.

Sam did a great job doing Manifest (and as usual did not take any nonsense) - even the safety staff treaded lightly. Christo did an awesome job as SO with Ryan and Rhett doing great JM work.

Once again great food was served by an awesome family, Ian, Yvonne & Shaun. Marius & Jo at the bar helped us through the cold nights & great music.

Alewyn & Roger our highly experienced pilots spotting us perfectly every time. All the packers and cleaning staff kept our facilities neat and tidy.


Priorities of landings:
Flat wing in an open area

Preferably into wind

Derek Wood
JSC Chairman

4 May 2011

It never rains, it just pours..........!

Another long weekend of wet weather but yet again we produced 10x loads on Saturday and 4x loads on Sunday.  It was fantastic to see BLU flying in our airspace again!

BLU arrived in style late Friday afternoon with some of JSC’s competitors on board. Everyone had a story to tell with the bar providing an awesome atmosphere. All the results from Nationals will be found updated on PASA’s website. Well done to all the teams who took part as well as our own teams representing JSC.

A huge thanks to Lizette for doing manifest on both Sat & Sun. Without this gal my weekend would have been disastrous.

Ian and Yvonne for always cooking amazing meals. Even Shaun did a great job up front.

Marius and Joe for providing great service and warm spirits when the weather turned cold.

To all the safety staff and packers including Rhett thanks for checking reserve pack dates. On this subject all reserve chutes must be re-packed every 6 months regardless. Our safety crews have been instructed to check all reserve pack dates and can prevent you from jumping. This includes all tandem systems.


Check all gear prior to boarding the aircraft i.e. helmet, goggles,
3 rings,  chest strap, handles, leg straps, pins, static line/rip cord, pilot chute.

Derek Wood
JSC Chairman

26 April 2011

Happy Easter to all those who still enjoy lots & lots of chocolate over this period. Remember this will affect your wing loading big time!!!

A new date has been set to host the AGM – 14 May. I’m sure everyone will be back from the Easter break by then.

The BLU theme will still apply so please make sure you dress in BLU!!! Oh, and let’s not forget the party after the AGM. "Blufallo milk"’ will still be served.

Balloons will be sold with great prizes to be won. The funds raised will go towards resurfacing our runway. Please come prepared to support our worthy cause.

Just to remind everyone operations will resume from this weekend
30th April – 1st May! Only those students who have become uncurrent as a result of bad weather will be refreshed at no cost.

Derek Wood
JSC Chairman

18 April 2011

Hi Members

This past weekend proved once again that the elements dictate events. The AGM & the was party was cancelled due to power outages & constant rain resulting in no jumping either!

Apologies for putting the notice out so late in the day. All efforts were exhausted to obtain a generator large enough to run all the facilities as well as the sound system. Currently prices are being sourced to purchase a large generator.

In addition, a new date will be set to host the AGM.

I would like to thank Marius & Jo for once again providing a positive spirit in the "Cutaway Pub" and with the help of portable sound systems we were able to host a party of our own!

Ian, Yvonne & Shaun pulled out all the stops to cook us a dinner that most five star hotels would die for! Who said a candlelight dinner isn’t romantic!

The ground staff including Basil & Andre for keeping JSC looking so tidy!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all those taking part in Nationals in Robertson. JSC will once again bring back all the medals!

Please note JSC will be closed this long weekend (22-25 April) and will resume operations on weekend 30 April to 1 May.

Derek Wood
JSC Chairman

12 April 2011

Hi Members

We started off with low cloud on Saturday morning forcing us to wait it out. Eventually the cloud base lifted allowing us to do 17 loads. Sunday was a bit quieter with only 12 loads.

A huge thanks to Neil (pilot) for making the right decisions when low cloud set in.

Ian, Yvonne & Shaun for cooking such amazing food. Marius & Jo for the great service & friendly atmosphere.

Ground staff (Andre) thank you for keeping JSC looking so clean & tidy. Sam & Emily doing manifest & keeping the loads full.

The safety crew: Jarrod, Ryan, Rhett and all the jumpmasters. Rhett has finally become our newest registered jumpmaster, always willing to assist and instruct. Well done bud!!!!!!!!!

Remember this weekend is the AGM starting at 5pm sharp. For those delivering your proxy please attach a copy of your ID or PASA card.

The party will follow soon after and the theme is still 'BLU'! BLU-FULLO MILK will be served only to those who are 'BLU' enough!

The party this weekend boasts 4 x DJ’s and a live band. This will truly be the biggest bash of the year! Please note the bar will be closed during the AGM.


Operations will resume the following weekend 30th/1st May

Derek Wood
JSC Chairman

4 April 2011

Hi Members

All round, a very successful weekend with 'White' still doing a great job.

Saturday we managed 18 loads and Sunday was surprisingly good with 14 loads, a total of 32 loads!

Once again, the weather forced us to shut down at midday on Sunday but you can't keep good people on the ground for too long. We started up again around 3pm.

To remind all members of the AGM brought forward to the 16th April. Some folks are unfortunately away over this period but it must be every member's duty to attend. If you have to present your Proxy form please submit a COPY OF YOUR ID attached to the proxy. Remember only one proxy per individual!

Remember the party theme is 'BLU' with our infamous 'Blu-ffalo milk' (man's best friend!)

Bid forms are now available for those who wish to bid for all service provider positions.

For those gullible enough to fall for the April Fools prank…………! Well, maybe it's best I say no more! For what it's worth, I'm still receiving mail to book that Hercules jump.


Remember your wing loading should be calculated on the smaller canopy. In most cases your reserve is smaller than the main chute.

Derek Wood
JSC Chairman

29 March 2011

Hi Members



The proxy forms have been updated for this year's AGM (only one proxy per person is permitted).

Derek Wood
JSC Chairman

28 March 2011

Hi guys

Wet, wet, & more wet!!

However, skydivers are positive people and we finally managed 9 loads on
Saturday and 1 load on Sunday.

Well done to the first course candidates. Unfortunately, there was no jumping for the students this weekend. We also managed some CF (crew) jumps with a few crazies from Witbank (Sharky & co).

JSC held a CP competition this weekend with some amazing skills. Jacqui and her judges did an awesome job.

Senior Jumpers:

1. Rob Kruger

2. Attie Fourie

3. Selwyn Johnson

4. Jasper Williams

5. Sean Schook


1. Warren Hitchcock

2. Corné Vorster

3. Roy Seber

To all teams, we wish you all the best for Nationals and trust with the return of BLU along with the handles all will be back to normal shortly.

Thanks to Allison for doing pre-manifest (this is truly a thankless job).

The pilots Neil & Roger were amazing considering the weather conditions.

Thanks to Andre and Basil for coming out on Wednesday to cut & trim all the grass. The entire DZ has been shaved!

Marius and Jo entertained us with 'Karaoke' in the pub, I must say, I was the best singer by far.

Ian / Yvonne fed the millions AGAIN! Really good food! To those who missed out on that apple crumble, you sure missed out!!!

To all the ground staff & packers, you guys are great.

I will keep all members updated with repairs & test flights to BLU.

Derek Wood
JSC Chairman

24 March 2011

Hi Members

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roy for standing as Chairman. Serving on this committee takes time and commitment and you have shown that.

I trust this committee will endeavour to continue to serve and meet all members' needs. Our sport attracts diverse personalities and you are all special.

JSC is a very special venue with a relaxed environment, when after a long day’s activities one can sit back and enjoy a cold drink while enjoying the sunset.

Together, let's preserve our little piece of heaven.

Derek Wood
JSC Chairman

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