JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JSC has received the Lilizela Tourism Award for Visitor Experience in the Action & Adventure category - two years in a row!!


Chairman's Report (archive)

May 2009 — May 2010

24 May 2010

Hi everyone!

What a year! What an experience! We have accomplished so much with so little! Last year we started gearing ourselves to host one of the biggest events JSC has ever experienced. The 5th FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting was proudly hosted and also in such a way that competitors actually rated our DZ under the top three DZ’s in the world.

The World Cup called for some upgrades to our Club facilities:

1.       New entrance and access road to the DZ
2.       Upgrade of ablution facilities
3.       Upgrade of Canteen kitchen facilities
4.       Emptying of Swoop Pond and repairs to lining & upgrade of run-offs
5.       Installation of wireless internet access at club premises
6.       Installation of osmosis filter and water fountain in bush pub

Undoubtedly, the biggest efforts went into the organizing and the actual hosting of this prestigious event. Members selflessly gave up their time, to the expense of their work and families, to make this possible and I was privileged to be part of their team.

On top of that, we hosted another, very successful tonto boogie – something very dear to all of us. We also had some great initiatives and contributions coming from our members in the hosting of a freefly skills camp, a canopy piloting course and numerous senior members assisted in coaching our members in formation skydiving.

The new committee was chosen on Saturday and I am really excited. Roy Seber was elected as our new Chairman and I have total peace of mind in handing over the club into his capable hands. Roy, congratulations, I know you will be a great chairman. Whenever I can be of assistance, remember that I am just a call away.

I will leave it to Roy to communicate his new committee once they have decided on the non portfolio members who will join them.

Thank you to all for a fantastic two years loaded with experience. It truly was an honour and a privilege to serve as your Chairman – you are a cool bunch!!!

Blue Skies,

13 April 2010

Hi all,

PLEASE make sure you don’t get caught unawares at our training camp to be held from the 22nd of April. It falls exactly in the same period as the security test run for the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

As we are well within 50NM from a stadium (Soccer City), all skydivers need to obtain a security screening code to skydive at JSC. Neeve went through considerable effort to make this as painless as possible. Please see and follow her instructions below.

Students not yet having PASA cards who are in need of club membership confirmation letters, can contact Monica at monica@jsc.co.za who will assist you.

Please note that it is each member’s own responsibility to obtain his/her security code!!!

Blue Skies,

To all PASA members

Please read this document relating to the security measures for the FIFA Soccer World Cup.


In a nutshell, the SAAF has been tasked with securing South Africa’s air space for the duration of the FIFA Soccer World Cup. A number of measures have been adopted to ensure this security. The measure affecting parachutists is the implementation of restricted airspace for 50NM around all of the stadiums where matches will be played. This restriction will be in effect for the duration of a test run from 23 to 26 April as well as for the duration of the World Cup from 10 June to 11 July.


Parachutists are being considered “air crew” for the purpose of the screening processes. Every member who regularly skydives at a drop zone that falls within 50NM of a World Cup venue or plans to visit such a drop zone during any of the affected periods, will be required to obtain a Security Screening Code (SSC). Once obtained, your SSC will apply for 6 months. Parachutists do not need to apply for a FAC (Flight Authorisation Code) but will fall under the FAC of their pilots while in flight on the way to altitude.

The venues are:

City Stadium
Johannesburg Soccer City and Ellis Park
Pretoria Loftus
Rustenburg Royal Bafokeng
Nelspruit Mbombela
Polokwane Peter Mokaba
Bloemfontein Free State
Durban Moses Mabhida
Port Elizabeth Nelson Mandela
Cape Town Greenpoint


If you are uncertain, check with your drop zone operator if your club falls within the restricted areas.  If you will be skydiving at a club that falls within the 50NM area of a venue, please send the following via fax to 012 312 2626 or 086 553 9945 or via email to wtr@mweb.co.za or pilotscreening@telkomsa.net :

·  Completed Application for Security Screening Code (SSC) form (page 9 in this document) - Insert your PASA membership number where the pilot licence number is required.
·  Copy of your ID (or passport if foreign).
·  Copy of your 2010/11 PASA membership card.

The SAAF will not send your SSC to you via any electronic means, nor via fax. Applicants are to phone the SAAF 48 hours after submitting the application in order to obtain their SSC. The number to call is 012 312 1745.


Tandem passengers and first jump students will be treated as walk-ins on the day and will fall under the SSC of their tandem master and instructors respectively. Students who wish to continue with progression and/or students currently on progression and not yet full PASA members, must apply for a Security Screening Code as detailed above. Such students must submit a letter from their club confirming that they are students of that club instead of the PASA membership card.

Please do not forward any queries to the admin office as we have no further insight beyond what is contained in this email and the attachment. If there are any questions, try directing them to the contacts given above or try the Aero Club on 0861 018 018.


Administration Office
Parachute Association of South Africa

21 January 2010

Hi everyone,

By this time I am sure everyone has recovered from their hectic responsibilities over the festive period, such as having parties, holidays and other important stuff. Well, now that that is out of the way, I guess we can all start by relaxing and having some fun in the sky!

It does seem the weather has now decided to give us a bit of a break and we are enjoying great weather conditions most of the time! There are some fun-filled weekends coming up early in February, such as the freefly skills camp where we are going to be treated to two turbines to do some great fun stuff out of! Don’t miss it, it's going to be great!

Last year certainly was one to remember. We had the 2nd annual tonto boogie, the Canopy Piloting World Cup and we really excelled ourselves in presenting these events. It truly was an amazing experience to be part of the team and I really am proud of the quality people we have in our club.

This brings me to another topic, perhaps a bit of a sore point (to me that is). I would have loved to see more of our members getting involved and taking part in making this historical event actually happen. Guys, we are a great club. Some of the overseas visitors placed our DZ in the top three in the world! Now, in my book that really is something to be proud of. BUT a club is nothing without it’s members.

We are now into a new year filled with opportunities and it will only turn out to be what we can make of it. Come on, get involved! It’s not what your club can do for you, but more what you can do for your club!

Be honest now, ask yourself the following question: "What did I do last year to add value to my club?"

If you immediately can think of something, you are one of those who can count themselves under those who actually made things happen.

If you have to dig around and eventually manage to come up with something after motivating yourself that it could have made a difference if you took it in the right context, you can probably rate yourself as someone who watched things happen.

However, if at this time you still find yourself wondering, you are probably one of those who wonder what happened :)

When we hosted the World Cup last year, I did find myself missing a few familiar faces. Guys, it is a new year, please include in your New Year’s resolutions to be part of making a difference. Leaving it to a few as "it is their job as the committee" is not only unfair but also a bit selfish, don’t you think?

Come on, be a part of it all, it really is fun – and  believe you me, you are missing out big time!

I would like to wish each and every one of you a year flooded with health, friendship, gentle winds and soft landings. May all your dreams come true and may our club grow from strength to strength!

Blue Skies,

9 December 2009

And there goes the curtain! What a meet we had! My huge personal thanks to everyone who was involved in making this a meet of international standard. The World Cup Committee who selflessly slaved themselves in our quest and quite often at the expense of their families and businesses, thank you. I sometimes wondered if we really deserve you. You all did so much!!!

A huge thanks to all our sponsors and especially our Mayor of Merafong City, Mr Papi Molekwane, who saw the potential of this event and gave us tremendous support in hosting it. We have established and are donating some of our funds generated to an Aids Orphans support fund founded in honour of our Mayor. We will soon display more specifics to all those keen to contribute donations towards it.

Special thanks must also go to Pete Lawson, Mike Teague and the PSC team for all their assistance, and Julie Teague for her brilliant commentary! Thanks guys, we couldn't have done this without you.

Congratulations to our raffle winners! The lucky winner of the Krugerrand is D Peardikis from Parktown; In second place with a Tandem jump or AFF course is T Modisakeng from Johannesburg; and in third place with a Static Line course is ASE Neethling from Fochville. Thanks to everyone who bought a raffle ticket, your support made all the difference.

This event was the actual climax following at least three years of work. When we first started building this pond three years ago, we never could imagine, not even in our wildest dreams, that we would one day be honored by so many experienced skydivers flocking to it for a prestigious World Class event such as this one.

Unfortunately, as life normally does, it threw us some bitter together with the sweet. It was with deep sorrow that we experienced the tragic incidents during this event and our hearts go out to all those affected by it. Believe me when I say that it jerked us all to a standstill to review our approach and attitude not only to our sport, but also to life in general.

On behalf of South Africa, Merafong City Carletonville and Johannesburg Skydiving Club, I wish to thank each and every one of the competitors who graced our skies. Not only was it a huge honour and privilege to have you visiting JSC, but also an unforgettable experience to see you in action. The higher altitude lends itself to the shattering of records, but with that comes the higher risk running parallel with it.

We certainly hope this honour befalls us again and we are already planning a money meet, hence the name “Swoop For Gold”. So watch this space, big things are bound to happen!!

Click here for photos

26 October 2009

Hello everyone!

Time flies when we’re having fun, doesn’t it? Just the other day we submitted our bid to host the 5th FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting and all of a sudden the actual event is just around the corner. Thanks to the energetic and passionate group of people who committed themselves to help make this possible, everything is well on track to ensure that South Africa hosts a World Cup to be proud of.

The closer we are getting to the actual event, the more the momentum let alone the longer and quicker paces needed to keep up. On behalf of our World Cup Committee I would like to extend an invitation to all members of JSC and all our fellow clubs to come and join in the excitement. Each and every helping hand will be highly appreciated. Not only will it be appreciated to share the work load, but also the excitement going with it.

We have a brilliant combination of experienced people committed to this event. Huge thanks to Pete Lawson, Mike Teague and their guys from PSC for taking hands with us. One can’t help but to shiver in anticipation! :)

We will be having some eager swoopers soaring the skies over our pond from as early as 21 November whereafter the momentum will increase towards the official World Cup practice day on 30 November. After that, we will be seeing some action yet to be experienced at JSC.

So, come on! Don’t miss out on any of the action. Just how many more opportunities will be coming your way to be involved in running a World Cup event? Besides that, it will be much more fun if you did!

Guys, please collect yourselves some raffle books from Monica? We really need each and every cent we can get. The Rand–Dollar is in no way assisting us with working capital at this stage. Even by selling one or two tickets, you will be helping out a lot!! Raffle tickets are also available for purchase online at our website: www.swoop4gold.co.za/cpwc/raffle.asp

Blue skies, safe swoops!!

6 October 2009

Hi everyone!

What a great weekend we all had with this year’s tonto boogie! Even the bad weather trying to interfere from time to time, had to stand back for some spectacular skydiving! I think the highest moment certainly was the setting of the first official South African Wing Suit Formation Record! What an awesome experience that was!

We had a great party afterwards with Elusion and Judith rocking the house! Those who decided to stay home catching up some work (or whatever :) certainly missed out!

We are busy picking up momentum towards the 5th FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting and time is getting more valuable each day. The pond is looking great and thanks to the fantastic people forming our organizing team, everything is on track and ready to go. We really need as many sponsors as possible to make this an unforgettable event and I call on all our members to assist us in this regard.

We have a solid gold Krugerrand up for grabs and the raffle ticket sales for that really need to speed up. The income from the raffle will help us to cover our costs on the World Cup and will undoubtedly be a huge injection in upgrading our club facilities in general. Some of our members have already ploughed some of their own finances into this, not even to mention their time (including business hours)… so come on guys, buy a ticket? It is for a good cause and should you win, the prize is worth every cent spent.

Coming closer to the time, there is a huge amount of organizing and work to be done. At this stage we will welcome all the help we can get. So please contact me or any of the World Cup committee members if you want to assist us or contribute in any way. The World Cup kicks off on the 1st of December, but there will already be full training action from the 20th of November.

Come on! Let’s show the world what we’re made of! :)

Be safe out there, see you all at the club!

For more info or to buy a raffle ticket, visit our official World Cup website at www.swoop4gold.co.za

8 September 2009

Hi everyone,

We are raffling off a one ounce, pure gold Krugerrand together with some other great prizes!!

As you should all know by now, we are hosting the 5th FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting at JSC this December. There are numerous overheads to be covered and to make this possible, we decided on this raffle to accumulate some working capital.

Tickets are R100 each and the final draw will take place at the World Cup awards function on the 6th of December 2009. Tickets can either be purchased from any of the World Cup Committee members or can also be purchased online from our website, www.swoop4gold.co.za/cpwc/raffle.asp


Win a Pure Gold Krugerrand and other great prizes!


We really need all the help we can get, so tell all your colleagues and friends and please support us!


16 July 2009

Good day everyone,

For those who have not visited the club recently, there will be a couple of pleasant surprises waiting with your next visit. Our ablution facilities were recently upgraded to meet the expected requirements for the coming CP World Cup. We are also looking at identifying dedicated camping space. The good news is that this will also open up sufficient space for more weekend huts and additional parking space as required. The old entrance was moved back a few metres for this purpose - this will also contribute to a more dust free environment at the DZ.

There are quite a number of exciting activities lined up to light up our year towards December. We will be hosting meets in Canopy Piloting to prepare our “Swoopers” for the World Cup as mentioned above. The tonto boogie again, will cater for all sorts of fun including wing suit events. Hopefully this will introduce this amazing discipline to even more of our members.

Our CP Nationals was a roaring success and my most grateful thanks to all who helped in achieving this! I am confident that the 5th FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting hosted at JSC this coming December will be one of the best ever. We have great support from the PSC guys and with Pete Lawson, Mike Teague and the rest of the team onboard it can only turn out to be a huge success!

There still is a lot of preparation to be done, but the basics proved to be solid as a rock. The speed measuring equipment and software proved to be stable, reliable and accurate.

I once again, would like to extend an open invitation to all our members who would like to assist in organising and running this historical event.

Some local news, our Chief Instructor, Kevin Owen, is in the process of preparing some of our members for the Instructor’s course. Hopefully this great initiative will take some load off our current instructors and add some numbers to our membership listing in the near future. Good luck to everyone working towards this great challenge, we need you!

Well, the worst of the winter will be over soon, so it may be a good time to get the dust (hopefully no cob webs) off your gear and head out to the club. Whatever you do, be safe, be alert and most important, have good clean fun!

See you all at the club!

17 June 2009

Hi everyone!

We are well on track with our preparations towards the World Cup hosted at JSC in December. Our swoop pond is looking better than ever, the kitchen had a great facelift, not to mention the upgrade of our ablution facilities that are near to completion!!

From the 20th June, our swoopers will be busy with their training preparation rounds towards Nationals – officially starting on Friday, 26th June 2009. To our competing members and all other participants, please stay safe and have a great meet!! We are really looking forward to seeing you all there!

All our other members who are not competing, please come out, support our guys and enjoy the time with us!

Remember! The club will be fully operational for fun jumpers over CP Nationals. However, the championship will enjoy preference.

Blue skies, safe swoops!!

19 May 2009

Hi everyone!

We had an unexpected good turn out at our AGM this year, considering the bad weather we had. What a successful meeting! We have gained new members loaded with new ideas and energy, promising 2009 to be a year to remember!

This year is loaded with action; we are hosting the 2009 Canopy Piloting National Championships in June; the tonto boogie in October and the 5th FAI World Cup in Canopy Piloting during November/December this year! (For more information on Canopy Piloting events, go to www.swoop4gold.co.za)

Each and every member can contribute, whether it is by coaching in the various disciplines, building up our DZ or just by fetching cold beer for those who do - we need you all!

Thank you for your trust in the new committee, I am confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by what we will achieve!

Let’s all enjoy this year. May you all have brilliant skydives, soft landings and enjoy great fellowship!

Blue skies

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