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JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JSC has received the Lilizela Tourism Award for Visitor Experience in the Action & Adventure category - two years in a row!!


Chief Instructor's Column

8 January 2016

Welcome to 2016

Welcome to 2016

We have a very busy year coming up at JSC and you want to make sure that you are aware of all the events and activities going on before you miss out.

2015 was the year of progression and 2016 is going to be no different.

We are going to be ensuring everyone takes another step up. One more licence up, one more rating up etc. The Mops are available on the PASA website www.para.co.za if you are unsure of the path of progression.

January marks some club admin that we need everyone to get involved in. New indemnity forms, club fees and Committee nominations. It is important to get involved at this stage and volunteer your services and level of expertise to ensure we have a strong and successful club in 2016.

March is SAFETY MONTH. We will be planning some activities and seminars around important issues that make our sport safe and make our sport dangerous. We need to make sure that we do what we love in the safest way possible and everyone is involved in keeping each other safe.

Safety is not only the job and responsibility of your CI or Instructor Body, it is something that every single skydiver needs to participate in and ensure we look after each other.

It is also the time for annual renewals to PASA. Please ensure that you fill in the online application as soon as you get it and pay your fees to avoid any delays or groundings due to non-payment.

If you need to renew a rating, please ensure that all renewal requirements are met and your back up documentation is ready to avoid delays.

April is the National Skydiving Championships. They are being hosted by PSC. We encourage all skydivers to participate in nationals. It is a requirement for some licences and ratings, so it is a good idea to check that box if you can.

The FS 2 way category is great fun, so if you don’t have a 2 way partner just yet, hook up with one of the JM’s or coaches to assist.

There have been some service bulletins wrt gear recently. Vigil and Vortex have both issued important notices that needed to be sorted. Always keep up to date on these issues and make sure you follow up and make sure you have cleared your gear before jumping it again. If you have any doubt, contact Peter Hansen.

As always I am at the end of an email Bev@jsc.co.za or a whatsapp or call 083 627 4094 if you have any questions or queries about your skydiving progression or gear.

Keep it safe and keep it fun.

Blue Skies

30 June 2015

JSC has won 4 awards in the 8th West Rand Tourism Awards - Gold in the category Adventure Experience; Overall Winner in the Tourism Experience (floating trophy); Platinum in the Best Tourism Experience; and our esteemed Chairman Pottie was the overall winner in the Tourism Ambassador of the Year - well done JSC!!!

JSC Wins 4 Tourism Awards!

I am exceptionally pleased and proud to announce that Johannesburg Skydiving Club just won 4 awards in the 8th West Rand Tourism Awards.

The awards were hosted at Silverstar Casino and many dignitaries from municipal, local and national government attended the event.

JSC won the following awards:

And our esteemed Chairman Eugene “Pottie” Potgieter won

Based on the other winners and the fact that JSC won the Overall Floating Trophy for OVERALL Tourism Experience shows that all the hard work was worth it and we can only strive to make JSC the best tourist destination not only in the West Rand, but in South Africa as a whole.

I have to extend a heartfelt thank you and congratulations to the whole Committee who work tirelessly every day to ensure the operation continues to excel, the tandem masters who make the tourist experience so memorable, the camera crew who capture it all, the editors who entrench the memories forever, the packers for ensuring they all keep flying safely and to all the members who contribute to the instructor body including JM’s and Instructors. And the support staff that play such an integral role in the background, manifest, canteen and bar operators and staff keep us all going each weekend, without who, we would be lost (and starving), thank you.

This is an amazing ship we have and I am so proud to have been part of this phenomenal achievement for 2015.

Well done,

15 June 2015

It has been a year since I took over as CI for JSC and it has been a productive and busy year.

My biggest aim has been to get to know everybody. Where they are in their progression, what their plans are going forward and to see how I can assist in getting everybody to those goals.

So often in Skydiving, there is a lull in progress and sometimes all that is needed is a gentle push to continue that progression.

In the last year, I have seen so many people stepping up and getting that next licence or rating. But there is room for more. It is not just about what the sport can do for you, but what you can do for the sport.

If you think of who the people were that helped you when you were a student. The jumpmasters, instructors and coaches that were there for briefings, batting in, instructional jumps etc. Now is the time to see how you can up your game to get to that level so you can be that person to the next generation of jumpers.

When you look forward over the next 6 months, make a note of what your next level up is and put some plans in place to make that happen.

As always, I am available to assist in getting requirements under the belt and getting you on that path. So feel free to contact me so we can plan that future step up together.

I am looking forward to another great year of experiences, jumps and fun together.

Blue Skies

21 May 2014

Night Jumps / Jumpmaster Course

Hi JSC members

No doubt the highlight of last weekend were the night jumps which took place at Potchefstroom on Friday night. A big thanks and well done to Stefan for organising this and also thanks to the ground crew for all their efforts. Well done to those jumpers who did their first night jumps – fun hey? Seriously, night jumps are needed for C and D licences so to all those newbies who did their first night jumps please bring me your logbooks for signing off.

And now we once again talk about safety. Over the weekend on one of the loads I was on, a student who had just finished AFF and who was on a solo jump had his smartphone on the load with him and was happily taking snaps on the way up to altitude. Folks, this is an absolute no-no. No cellphones/camera are permitted whilst you are a student. It is very simple – someone who only has 10 or 15 jumps has a lot to focus on for the skydive. And taking happy snaps in the aircraft is a BIG distraction for a student. So please, this is not permitted anywhere worldwide and certainly not at JSC.

Finally, will all the candidate Jumpmasters please contact me in the next week with your progress in terms of the precourse requirements. We need to set a date for the course and that will depend on how far everyone is. I will be at the DZ this weekend so will all candidates please report to me for an update. I am not at the DZ the next weekend, that is 31 May and 1 June, so any candidate who is unable this weekend, please contact Bruce at the DZ on 31 May for a sitrep. Between Bruce and myself we will then set the dates.

Blue Skies,

25 April 2014

Hi JSC members

Thanks very much to Ralph for running the show for the last year or so. Yours truly is once again in the CI hot seat but the show must go on.

There have been queries regarding the next Jumpmaster course and some candidates are already hard at work with the precourse requirements. If you have any queries regarding this please contact either myself or Bruce. We have decided that we will review the situation at the end May to see how far the candidates are with their precourse work is and the date for the course will be set then. With a lot of effort the precourse work can be done in about 2 months so any candidates – Brad – who are keen but have not yet done any preparation, there is still time. Get started now and make it happen.

The biggest cause of injuries, and fatalities, in our sport is landing incidents. The skydive is not over until you have landed safely on the ground! With this in mind, the instructor body has made a decision to introduce a mandatory canopy control course for all junior and interested jumpers and this will become part of the B licence requirements. It consists of 5 jumps under supervision and the emphasis is on learning your canopy. We have run a couple of these courses in the past and they have been very successful. In fact we have had members of other clubs attending this course at JSC.

To all those who are interested please contact Warren Hitchcock who will give you all the info. We also want to emphasise that this is being done for your safety and not for any other reason. The cost will be the cost of the jumps plus a very nominal amount on top of that.


8 August 2013

Hi all,

First off, a big thank you to Kevin for "holding the fort" for the last couple of years - it's a big job that no one wants and he did the job well!! We've been working together for a while to ensure a seamless transition and that by all accounts has been a great success. We all wish Kevin the best for the coming years and I am sure he will be an asset to JSC.

We have a couple of issues to deal with and the theme this month is:


All the duty JMs are there to help you and I need to stress HELP!! So if you have any landing issues let's solve them together.

In this vein we are doing a canopy control course on the 7th and 8th of September, also a modern accuracy competition!! It's included in the course or separate, your call!!

The idea is that all landings are captured on video and debriefed by an experienced canopy pilot at R1,000 for 5 jumps – you don't want to miss this opportunity....

The fun jumpers are lacking and it's time to put bums on seats... please call me directly if you have any great ideas, excluding putting a heater in the plane!! Remember if you think it's dangerous the odds are we've done it and can advise!!

The blue skies have been awesome and great times have been had at JSC – please be part of it and let's rock the club back to where it needs to be: NO. 1 IN FUN JUMPING!!!

My phone is on 24 hours and it's on for you...

Blue skies always

19 March 2013

Hi JSC members,

Things have been a little quiet the last few weeks with the PAC out of action but we have kept going with the Angels. This is actually a good thing for our junior members to learn the different exit techniques out of different aircraft. So the activity has been somewhat less but we have been carrying on.

On the safety side, a number of Jumpmasters and Instructors will be attending a first aid course starting early April. We took this decision early on in the year and it is now going to happen. Unfortunately in our sport we do have incidents from time to time but you can rest assured that pretty soon there will always be a trained first aider on the DZ to deal with any incident that might happen.

We have a number of candidates who are presently training for Nationals and who are also busy with preparations for the upcoming Jumpmaster course. It is clearly difficult to prepare for both so the Jumpmaster course will take place after nationals. Candidates please note that the dates are:

Friday 14 June at the DZ
Saturday 15 June at the DZ
Sunday 16 June at the DZ

All those who are presently busy with the precourse work please ensure that all requirements are complete and have been signed off by then. As always, if there are any queries please contact me.

On the Jumpmaster side, we introduced an incentive last year for the “Jumpmaster of the Year” That is the person who has been  the most diligent in doing duties and generally promoting the sport for our upcoming students. At the end of the day it was a tough call to make but Rhett Harrison won the prize for all his hard work and a brand new canopy sponsored by Aerodyne to go with it. I took delivery of the canopy today. On behalf of the Instructor Body, Rhett thanks for all your hard work and we wish you many safe and enjoyable jumps with your new canopy. And we must also give a big thanks to Dale at Aerodyne for making this all possible for us. Guys and girls, I am an avid supporter of Aerodyne who make fantastic canopies and very  good quality gear, and at very competitive prices. You will not get better.

I just want to add that this in an ongoing sponsorship and believe it is a very good incentive for the folks out there who are interested in putting something back into this great sport of ours!

Blue skies,

5 February 2013

All CYPRES 2 owners please take note!

Please click here to see the service bulletin for all Cypres 2 AADs manufactured from February 2009 to December 2012.

Blue skies,

29 January 2013

Hi JSC members,

After a totally dismal previous weekend we had a great one now! There were plenty of 4 ways, a lot of freeflying and good general activity all round! A total of about 20 loads were done on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. A good busy weekend.

One safety aspect to be very careful of: Whilst climbing out the door onto the step – make very sure that there is no part of your rig which catches against either the sides or top of the doorframe. Number one – if this happens, it will cause you to spin as you launch and you will have a very crappy exit and waste good freefall time correcting the situation. Number two – and most important – any part of the rig which snags against any part of the aircraft on exit could pull either the main or reserve pin out. That will cause serious problems which will most likely end up with a main or reserve canopy wrapped around the tail of the aircraft. Let’s not even go there!

Keep it safe and make very sure that you have a good clean exit with you and your equipment clear of any part of the aircraft.

Blue skies,

23 January 2013

Hi all,

Not much skydiving activity to report after the weekend! The weather restricted us to a whole 1 load for the whole weekend.

Anyway, as always this time of the year we will be holding a Jumpmaster Course and right now there are about 4 candidates. Experience has shown that it takes about 3 months to complete all the precourse requirements and the date for the course will be set once all the candidates have completed their precourse work. Please look in the MOPs for the requirements or give me a call, or drop me a mail if you are interested.

A Jumpmaster rating is a prerequisite for all other ratings and we always need Jumpmasters on the ground and in the air at JSC.  The more eyes and ears we have on the dropzone, the safer our environment is.

One further note – I still have 1 x GoPro Hero 3 Black camera for sale. Brand new, still in the box and wrapping and going for R4700. No it is not a Chinese copy. I visited the USA in December and brought a few back with me. First come first served. Anyone interested please drop me a mail.

Blue skies,

10 January 2013

Hi JSC members,

Compliments of the season to everyone!

This is just a heads up regarding the use of cameras for skydiving. A number of relatively junior jumpers are in the process of buying, or have already bought cameras and more specifically the GoPro models. So just to make sure that we are all on the same page, I am quoting verbatim from the MOPs, exactly who is allowed to do what with cameras:

Camerapersons not yet in possession of a B licence shall have their helmets approved by the CI/SO
Camerapersons must wear a functioning altimeter, a functioning audible altimeter and a hook knife
Camerapersons must be familiar with the appropriate camera cutaway procedure
There are 3 recognised groups of camera work each with its own specific minimum requirements:

Minimum requirements:

Category II in any one of FS, AE or SAP
Must have signed approval of the CI/SO
7.2 THIRD-EYE CAMERA – a single camera used to film from an outside perspective
Minimum CAT III in the discipline that you are filming, for example if you are filming FS then you need a CAT III in FS, same applies for AE, CF, SAP and wingsuiting
Minimum CAT III in AE or FS
Minimum of 500 jumps (100 in the last year) or 100 third eye camera jumps (50 in the last year)
Must have signed approval of the CI and approval of the relevant TI/AFF Instructor

So it is not just a case of strapping a camera on your helmet and away we go.  In addition, at JSC a full camera briefing is needed and that must be given by one of the senior camera guys (Warren, Pottie, Corne or Marius) and this must be signed off by myself.

Let me make this perfectly clear – we are not attempting to discourage anyone from jumping camera so long as they have the minimum requirements. Quite the opposite – to be a competent cameraperson requires good skydiving skills and that is what we are trying to encourage!

Let's keep it safe and stick to the rules. As always, if there are any queries please contact me at the DZ, or mail me or give me a call.

Blue skies,

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