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Coaching Corner

18 June 2012

Well the weather was much more co-operative this weekend and although chilly in the morning it warmed up nicely.

Did a few loads with Mohan Chudalayandy who wanted to get some idea of the block moves for piece flying. The jumps went really well and he achieved a lot.

Thinking on the way to altitude it once again occurred to me how much of the sport is mental. Most skydiving moves are fairly easy and not really a big physical thing. There is a huge adrenaline factor to deal with and if you can get this under control it all seems so much easier.

So the point is that the prepwork is absolutely vital and can save you so much time and money. A skydive is over so fast and often you feel that you could have achieved much more. Read up on all the articles and info that is drifting around out there. Do a lot of mental prepwork and when the skydive happens it will go so much better.

The hard part is getting the arousal levels under control and keeping yourself clearheaded. Once again breathe and get calm!

The wind on the ground was light and pretty variable and this pointed out to me the very definite need for an arrow to help people with landing direction. With an arrow and a clear ruling system the uncertainty is removed.

Good to see a number of students on progression! This is the future and these people must be nurtured!

Jump safe.

Cheers, Hugh

28 May 2012

Hi everyone and sorry for the long delay in tips.

Did a few ISP’s with Reshall Jimmy on Saturday. Jumps went ok and definite improvement showed as we went on.

The club was very quiet due to the Smoking Dragon Boogie and also Post Nationals Depression. (A virtually incurable disease that can only be cured by getting in plenty of jumps quickly.) Still there was a first jump course and some repeat static liners on progression. Well done to a very keen Hendry and Nicole who are really getting ahead.

The mentor programme is starting to take shape and wide smile Karen Fourie really helped out with the newbies on Saturday.

Special congratulations also to Pottie (who was at the club) and Marius for their outstanding achievements at the Big Way camp and the 150 way wheel dive at Perris USA. (Pottie swears it was not an Ossewa Wiel). Great to see South Africans at the top of the heap! I am sure they have a lot of great tips they brought back!

Coaching Tips

Once again I spent a lot of the time briefing people about the importance of breathing and calming down! Without oxygen you can fuggedaboutit. So breathe deeply all the way to the top and especially when the door opens.
Also remember that skydiving is largely a mental sport. You need to be calm to control the adrenaline pumping through you. When your brain is overloaded you cannot function effectively.

And on that note do everything slowly and smoothly. I saw a lot of flares under canopy that were snatched at the last second. All this comes back to being calm. Breathe, get your anxiety level under control and then you can operate on a controlled level.

Oh well, late to work and the boss man’s giving me hell, so signing off for this week. And if you want help, want a jump buddy or just some general advice, just mail me and we will put you in touch with the right people.

Cheers, Hugh

23 April 2012

Calling Sherlock Holmes

Went out on a magnificent late Autumn day. The American Ash trees at the club are dropping a beautiful yellow carpet. But winter came later in the day and wagged a finger at us with some cold rain and winds.

Now for the casebook – calling Sherlock!
1. The Mysterious Case of the Incredible Shrinking 8 way!
2. The Case of the Missing Chops!

“Two cases in one day, Holmes, bit of a bumscratcher, what?”

“Nonsense, Elementary my dear Watson”

The Mysterious Case of the Incredible Shrinking 8 way.
On Monday we had an 8 way all ready to go. Dives all worked out, anticipation building. And then the shrinking started. Dropping like flies they were. Stories, kakstories and more. Shrinking? More like shirking. Anyway once you get to the DZ then you at least think that you are good to go. Not so. On and off the loads like a like switch before the Eskom increase. 5 ways, 4 ways, 2 ways. I’m surprised the lovely Danielle at manifest didn’t just chase us away. (Thanks for that and also all the patience with other juggling, D. Also GREAT music!)

Not even Holmes could get to the bottom of this one. But the tales are interwoven. Leading directly to The Case of the Missing Chops. Pay attention now.

The Case of the Missing Chops.
Some chops are jumping on the Incredible Shrinking 8 way. These chops decided that they need more chops for later. No worries, mate. Off to Woolies they shoot. 4 way straight in the toilet. Becomes a 2 way. No we have no chops.

Then they come back with more chops. Now we have extra chops but the chops are all on the ground and not at altitude with their money. What chops. Later some of the chops disappear. With beers. Think you are confused? Try manifesting these chops.

“Holmes, your solution?”
“Easy Watson, they are ALL chops.”

Really fun day with Mariette (hope sp ok?) and her Superhero gang helping her with her 100th. Well done, Girl!

Marius Vrey off to Perris for the 100 ways and the 200’s.  Good luck.

And sooo nice to have the lovely Bev Cosslett back at the DZ. Turbo wound up high and buzzing around.

Mohan did a great 4 way and all we could see were teeth. Maybe thinking about chops? Also some great slides on a later coaching load.

Tip of the day: You can only go as fast as you can stop. Always balance before you do a turn and always keep it under control. Frantic is less points.

So another day goes.
See you all soon.

PS. Good luck to all the JSC teams at the Nationals next week. Jump safe and give it your all!

Cheers, Hugh

16 April 2012

"This train, carries saints and sinners! This train carries losers and winners. Don’t need no ticket, get on board!"

Hi everyone,

We were blessed on Saturday with another glorious autumn day – light winds, blue skies pretty puffy clouds later, cold beers!

Did a couple of loads with David Maina who had been worrying a bit about his exits. Don’t know why! Great dives, good awareness and good 360’s!

Also banged out a bunch with Mohan Chudalayandy who did some great stuff. Keep those visuals going Mohan!

Seems to be something worrying the youngsters a bit. I find a common thread that they are all so worried about making mistakes – especially with  more experienced jumpers. Well, newsflash guys. EVERYONE makes mistakes – all the time. So just put it behind you, learn and move on.

Remember that skydiving is largely a mental sport and you need to focus on what to do, not on what you have done wrong. And anyway don’t be nervous of making mistakes, nothing will happen. I haven't shot a student in, it must be going on 12 years now. Admittedly it was 2 in one afternoon but they were only flesh wounds!

Please all readers click on the Lost Souls link. This is a link where you can send an e-mail and tell us what you would like to do on your next jumps. Head down, coaching, 3 ways, 4 ways, 8 ways, whatever. Send a mail and we will put it together for you. Set you up with a coach, buddy, teammates whatever. And no this is not a dating service!

This coming weekend we will be doing some 8 ways so we are pretty booked up. But if you are there and want to learn, come and get involved in the walk-throughs and de-briefs. They are always a laugh and you will see the seniors making plenty of mistakes.

Tip of the day: Where the eyes go, the head will follow. Where the head goes the body will follow. So when you are doing your turns ALWAYS leave your head in and focussed on your partner until the last moment, then head-switch and pick up again. Easy to fix a bad turn if you have visuals! Impossible if you are looking the wrong way.

Take care and have a good week.

Cheers, Hugh.

2 April 2012

The Beauty and the Beasts!

Hi all,

What a lovely fall (literally) day at the DZ. Winter sneaking in and a bit of moaning at the top. We have to open the door at some stage guys!

Did some coaching with Eric Bertillon on his way to his Cat 2. Slides got a lot better as we went on and then on to the ups and downs – just like life.

Gentle note to all students. This stuff is not easy and you are not going to learn it in a couple of jumps. Don’t get despondent – it seems over the years that I have seen hundreds of students and so often they want to get down from a jump where they struggled and go off and give up. This stuff takes practice and effort. Work at home and visualise the dives. Grind through!

Now for the Beauty and the Beasts part. Maybe even Beauties – who knows. Anyway a couple of 100 jump youngsters (naked) in the plane along with pretty Danielle. (Spelling?)

Had to cover her eyes – it wasn’t a pretty sight and could easily have turned her into a pillar of salt! I know all about that Sodom and Gomorrah stuff. Anyway well done to the youngsters and for the rest don’t worry we sprayed the benches with Doom and Dettol!

And please for everyone’s sake NO PICTURES on the website!

Take care, Hugh.

27 March 2012

Saturday Fun Day

What a blast we had on Saturday. We started out with a 7 way group and a cooker of a skydive! Marius back from his injury and doing good. Good luck on the Perris 100 way and sure to go on to the 200!

Charl with his mini Venter trailer for gear, Trevor Hawkins – never give the keys to Trevor – check your MOPS!, Lynn – don’t hold your feelings back – Smiley, Karen Fourie – our little star who does it all, camera, freefly, FS, despatching! Great! Norman solid as ever and always ready to go faster, and the Donut Kid! Went up and down and did smaller and bigger stuff all day. Pottie even bunked off his tandem filming and came on the last load.

We were honoured to have Colin Rothman, National Champ and one of the original team members of the internationally renowned  “Love Muscles” four way team, join us for the last two loads.

Perfect weather, perfect dives and some really perfect cold frosties at the end! Can’t wait for the next one!

Feeling left out! Don’t be. Just get hold of me and we will help you get into a group and do some cookers of your own. I will be running different skill level groups and am always ready to put you on a group to match your skills.

Cheers, Hugh

19 March 2012

Out to the DZ on Saturday full of the joys of autumn. What a glorious day after a wet week! Clear skies, light winds for most of the day. Thank you weather bosses! Keep up the good work.

Did a couple of loads with Ian of manifest fame. He has been battling with his Cat 3 stuff. Exits were a bit of a hassle for him. Had a good briefing and then off to the top. Exit on load one was great and did a little bit of mantis position adjustment. 360 turns were very good. No problems there. Good track off and wave before dumping.

Second jump was to practise the closing part of a Cat 3. Couple of classic mistakes here – turned the head before the body. Remember guys to always keep visuals. Where the eyes go, the head and body will follow. Leave them in as long as possible and then do the headswitch when you reach the limit of visual. Also always keep the arousal level down and keep calm in exit and freefall.

How do you do this? First, and most important BREATHE!!! In the plane, in the door and in freefall. If you do this yoga type breathing then your skydive awareness will shoot up 100%. Spoke to young Taz on the way to altitude and made her breathe deeply. She said it really helped and she had a great skydive!

Breathe, calm down and have fun!

Lots of laughs at Matt’s 1000th and pies etc. Please can we try and keep some of the pie for our tea afterwards? Such a delicious pie wasted!!!

Cheers, Hugh

5 March 2012

Hi all,

Well the weather played ball with the most perfect day on Saturday – thank you.

Got in 3 great jumps with Eric Bertillon. He greased through the first 2 dives of the Cat 2 program – well done. He really is getting the hang of the breathing and staying calm. Exits were just a little off but that will come with time.

Jump 3 – the Slides – was a bit more challenging and the first few tries led to turns instead of slides. The last two were much better and some practice will sort this out.

Looking forward to the next few sessions. Practise hard at home, Eric!

Thanks and see you again.

Cheers, Hugh

28 February 2012

Went out on Saturday to do a few coaching loads with Eric Bertillon. Did a very good briefing and Eric quickly picked up what we were trying to plan. Showed him the body position and he will practice this at home till he builds up muscle memory.

Unfortunately the Weather Bosses were not properly briefed and first delayed things with a small storm and then sent a mega horizontal-rain-blowing-toupees-off type squall to flatten everything. Manifest had their socks blown off and a red flood washed the road down a mine shaft.

Everything cancelled except some good beers and wine and storytelling – again! So try again this Saturday.

Cheers, Hugh

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