JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JSC has received the Lilizela Tourism Award for Visitor Experience in the Action & Adventure category - two years in a row!!



Lost Souls



Are you lost? Do you need help?

Get help fast and free! If you want help with coaching in any discipline, or finding some buddies to jump with, or doing some 4 ways/8 ways, or just load organising...

Then send a mail with your details etc to and we will get you on the road.

This is the place to meet people and get your skydiving kickstarted!

Get in touch NOW!!

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Friends of Wonderboom 2nd Annual Tonto Boogie 3-4 October 2009 (tribute to Eric 'TONTO' Stephensen CPSA’09 – Canopy Piloting National Championship South Africa (June 2009) and the FAI 5th CPWC’09 – Canopy Piloting World Cup South Africa (December 2009)