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Atmo Top Patrol – Skills Boogie

Gigliola Borgnis . Atmo SSA . 13/14/15 May 2011

The Atmo Committee is pleased to announce that the 5th Atmo Skills Boogie – with the participation of International Instructor Gigliola Borgnis, and 20 South African participants from around the country – was successfully held at JSC over the past weekend.

The significant interest shown was cause for an additional day's jumping on Friday, in addition to the Saturday and Sunday traditional jump days.

23 big ways – mostly slot specific 12-ways – were briefed and over 230 coaching slots successfully completed, notwithstanding the ever changing weather conditions.

International-level formations and also 1st time record formations made the event especially memorable – in specific the linked combo, diamond & train formations.

We also welcome 10 NEW CAT II progression students to the flock, which in addition to the 4 current CAT II progression students brings the total to 14 for 2011 thus far.

The unofficial Atmo linked record of 7 was equalled, with another 3 in very close proximity!

Well done to Gerhard who also did his 100th Jump (Naked) on an Atmo group jump!

Thank you to all the sponsors, including Atmo SSA, PAC Partnership and JSC.

More details and images form the Atmo Boogie will be available in the upcoming Toggle Times.

If you would like more information on what Atmo and this excitement is all about, or would like to book your place on a CAT II progression programme, or contact a coach in your area (Jhb, KZN, Cape, North). A list of Atmo coaches is available on the PASA website (www.para.co.za).

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Check out
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Check out
some awesome
Atmo footage!


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