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JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
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Posted 14 March 2013

Flight Club – Atmo Body Piloting World Association, in partnership with Flight Club South Africa, would like to extend a big thank you to Gigliola Borgnis & Cristian Vasari, and all the SA Body Pilots, who were hosts at the FLIGHT CLUB 2 (Flight Camp) from the 1st – 3rd March 2013.

Thank you to Skydive Parys for hosting the jumpers on the Friday, and JSC on the Saturday and Sunday, with participation from over 20 Body Pilots from around SA, and Mike Choi from Singapore who travelled to SA to join in on the festivities. A warm welcome is also extended to the newbies at Skydive Parys who joined the Atmo briefings and group jumps!

The eager Body Pilots pre-manifested over 30 loads for the three days, filling the Atlas Angels to the maximum of 8/9 per load on each of the Atmo loads on the loads which were not weather affected.

Once again, HIGH LEVEL of group formations were exhibited by the junior, intermediate and advanced Body Pilots, with linked formations including 4-way Diamond Formations, linked Tunnel transitions, Carving, Combo-Lines, and above all SAFE flying and break offs as usual.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the skydivers who once again contributed towards an International Event of epic proportions, just months after the FLIGHT CLUB & SOUL FLYERS event held in October.

I would like to extend my personal gratitude to G & X, for their friendship, and the professional briefings and debriefings, and incredible aptitude in flight – which contributed towards the rapid learning curve of the junior Body Pilots, and training towards the advanced maneuvers for the more experienced Body Pilots – with highly controlled and precise linked formations and transitions.

We look forward to another 2 international events in 2013... See FLIGHT CLUB on Facebook for news, pics, events, and updates.

Marco Ciocca

The Sky is Our Playground™


Posted 6 February 2013


Gigliola Borgnis & Cristian Vassari in SOUTH AFRICA for another EPIC Angle Flying 3-day Boogie

After the highly successful Flight Club & Soul Boogie this past October with the Soul Flyers, Atmo SA is proud to announce the first of 2 international Atmo Flight Camps to be held at JSC in 2013.

Johannesburg Skydiving Club
1st/2nd/3rd March 2013
12/14 Way Atmo group formations
Linked and unlinked group formations
New SA Record attempt
All levels are invited!

Maximum 20 registrations (R2000 non-refundable contribution towards airfares and coaching fees) paid into the JSC account, reference: FLIGHT CLUB 2
Pre-manifest will be organized prior to the event on the basis of individual requirements, with advance payment for booked loads (non-refundable) to avoid disappointment.

The Sky is Our Playground™


Flight Club and Atmo Body Piloting SA presents...

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