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Folscher Observation Tower

13 September 2011

Saturday 10 September saw the delivery and assembly of the Folscher Observation Tower – with the help of so many friends and family.

I would once again like to extend my gratitude to all the Atmonauti jumpers who supported the project financially, by participating in the Folscher Atmo Boogie, as well as the PAC Partnership for their donation, and everyone who helped erect the structure on Saturday.

The final ceremony included some touching words from Jarrod's Mom, the JSC CI and Chairman, and Atmo SA – whereafter the commemorative plate was fastened to the structure.

Once mounted, the Observation Tower allows a perfect view of the Pond behind the buildings, the outlanding areas alongside the DZ, and of course a great view of the general landing area, set-ups and canopy landings. Hopefully, when utilized correctly by the responsible Safety Officer/CI, the Observation Tower will improve the identification of safe set-ups and landings, and a clear view of jumpers who have outlandings in the rough or behind the buildings (which from ground level are not visible once they have touched down).

Thank you all!

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