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Freefly Skills Camp with Jean-Philippe a huge success!

15 February 2010

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The long awaited freefly skills camp with world class freefly coach Jean-Philippe has come and gone. The camp was agreed by all to be a resounding success with all participants learning a lot, progressing their skills, and having loads of fun in the process.

To have a freeflyer of JP’s calibre in South Africa has been quite an experience. The knowledge and skills he brought with him ensured SA’s freeflyers were always learning the latest and best techniques. We had freeflyers of all levels participating in the camp doing everything from their first freefly attempts right through to cat3 jumps, headdown and bigway tracking jumps.

The camp kicked off on Friday night with a freefly seminar covering some of the basics, freefly progression and freefly safety. Both Saturday and Sunday had the first freefly loads going up at the crack of dawn with the coaches keeping everyone busy all weekend long. It was really great to see the improvement in skills over the 2 day camp.

The response and turnout for the skills camp was incredible and is definitely a sign that freefying in SA is growing. To give an idea of the turnout for the weekend, here are a few figures:

  • 18 Freefly coaching loads were done
  • 74 Freefly slots on Saturday
  • 68 Freefly slots on Sunday
  • 19 People were involved in the camp including the students, local coaches and of course JP

Plans have already started for the next big freefly event of the year. So watch this space. The next one is going to be even bigger and better.

For any questions please contact Brendon Delate

Mobile: 083 609 712


Freefly Skills Camp at JSC

4 January 2010

Hey everyone,

There's been a lot of interest in next months freefly skills camp with Jean-Philippe so it should be an awesome weekend.

For those of you who have had questions around pricing, here it is:

The camp is going to work on a per jump basis so it's all up to you how many jumps you want to do. The PAC Partnership has kindly offered to cover JP's slot during the skills camp which means all you need to pay is your own slot plus JP's coaching fee of R200 per jump.

So you're looking at R400 per jump for coaching with one of the best freeflyers in the world including briefing, debriefing and video of all your jumps.

Due to the large amount of interest in the camp, there are going to be several national SSA freefly coaches available on both Saturday and Sunday. To jump with one of these coaches all you need to pay is your own slot. Jumps you do with these coaches will also be briefed and debriefed in full along with video. All video from these jumps will then be given to JP to use in coaching you along with his own footage.

What we hope to achieve is a busy weekend of freeflying where the local freefly coaches will keep you jumping, learning, and doing some awesome jumps until it's your turn for your jumps with JP. This way you can also decide on how many jumps you want to do with JP and/or the local coaches depending on your budget.

Again, due to the large number of people interested in the camp we're looking into possibly holding the camp over 4 days (Saturday 6th Feb to Tuesday 9th Feb). To see whether or not this is going to be possible I need to have an idea of numbers. So what I need from you is the following:

- Which days will you be able to join the camp?
- How many jumps are you thinking of doing with JP?
- How many jumps are you thinking of doing with the local coaches? (note that these coaches will only be available on Saturday/Sunday)

I don't need your exact numbers now, just an idea of how many jumps you're thinking of doing so we can make sure there are enough coaches and days to accomodate everyone.

A lot of you coming to the camp are very new to freeflying so keep in mind there are several safety aspects to freeflying over and above what normally exists, eg: freefly friendly rig, audible altimeter, etc. If you have any questions around this or have never had a freefly briefing, please chat to a freefly coach.

A freefly camp like this doesn't happen very often so be sure to take full advantage of this opportunity. Just the cost of your slot to jump with one of the national coaches and/or your slot + R200 to jump with JP, all including video!

Looking forward to a great skills camp.





Jean-Philippe from the French freefly team Jok’Air is coming to South Africa! JP is both a world class in-air and wind tunnel coach with extensive experience in coaching on all levels:

  • Beginners
  • Sit Flying, Head Down, Back Flying
  • Tracking
  • Bigways
  • Team and competition training
  • VFS 4 Way

Amongst numerous other achievements, JP along with Jok’Air have placed on the podium at both the world championships and world cup several times.



Who can join in?

This skills camp is for everyone, whatever your skill level. Whether you’re training for nationals or just starting out in freeflying, this is a great chance to learn some invaluable skills.

For all of you who have only ever flown on your belly…why not come and give 3Dimensional flight a try!



Important info:

Dates: 6th – 7th February 2010
Venue: Johannesburg Skydiving Club

NB: Depending on demand, the camp may be extended to 6th – 9th Feb

In the meantime if you’re interested please let us know so we can get an idea of numbers.

For any questions please contact Brendon Delate

Mobile: 083 609 712

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