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 Jumpmasters — WIN a canopy! 

Win a brand new Aerodyne canopy!

Posted 31 July 2012

OK so the negotiations are now complete and we are going to have a “Jumpmaster of the year” competition with a fantastic prize.

The objectives of this competition are many, so let me list them and the requirements:

The winning J/M will be the person who has promoted and graduated the most Progression students through the system between 1 July and the end of this year

That same J/M must have done some DJM duty during the year

The idea of the competition is actually to promote our sport and to have our up-and-coming Jumpmasters encouraging our students, and more importantly mentoring them through the programme.  The Progression course, although it is a very well tried and tested system, can be impersonal at a place like JSC. So we have decided that every Jumpmaster who is interested will take ownership of the students and take them through the mentorship system.

The prize for the winning Jumpmaster will be a brand new canopy, thanks to the kind sponsorship of Aerodyne. This will be done annually. 

I see this as having two major benefits. Firstly, we hope this encourages all our J/M’s to become involved and to mentor as many students as possible. And to make our environment much more friendly and less impersonal than it has been in the past. We already have a couple of J/M’s who are becoming very enthusiastically involved and who have “their” protégés.

Secondly, new skydiving gear is not cheap. To all the upcoming jumpers out there, you only need 150 jumps plus a B licence to qualify for a Jumpmaster rating. I hope this will motivate as many people as possible to become Jumpmasters. We hold at least one course per year. Once you have that you are eligible to keep the big wheel turning and be part of the competition and just help to make our club grow! And win a brand new canopy as part of the deal.

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After a very close tie between Rhett Harrison & Sean 'MonkeyBoy' Schook...



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