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Shake The Bag Skills 4-Way Skills Camp 2012

19 June 2012

So things are heating up and dates have been set, we thought it an opportune time to update you on our progress for the Shake the Bag 2012.

As some of you might have seen the e-mail has gone out inviting all PASA members to the event and what the event entails. Also that the event has been set now for the weekend of 28th and not the weekend of the 14th as originally planned.

So far the response has been positive and we are expecting a representation from various drop zones, you should also see the Facebook page being updated with the event very shortly which will give us a better idea of numbers expected on the day. We have also been in touch with Liz and Ian to start booking the slots for the 28th.

We believe that Shake the Bag is one of the key drives in setting up a great representation at nationals next year for FS and the more advertising we generate, the more positive the results :)   

We are looking forward to the day and blue skies,

Kind regards,

Chris Badenhorst
on behalf of the FS SSA Committee

Are you itching for some 4-way?
Antsy for some productive, progressive jumps?
Aching for a team?
Longing for some competition?

...We think we have just the thing for you. With Nationals done and dusted, the bank accounts recovered and final acceptance that winter has set in, FS jumpers are once again looking to the skies and ready for action. There are teams looking to fill a slot or 2, jumpers looking for regular FS groups, competitors looking for new teams to join, and people looking to brush up, skill up and get good FS jumps going.

Enter "Shake the Bag" presented by the SSA FS Committee, where we gather you all together – something of a "meet and greet" for some, a "test drive" for teams and potential combinations, a skills camp for others and simply a social FS weekend for South African jumpers. We’ll also have Cat II coaching seminars and evaluators there to keep Cat II Coaches current and get new coaches rated...
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