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 SSA Large Formation Skills Camp 15-17 March 2013 

Tim Mace - FAI Gold Parachuting Medal Recipient - JSC member and a true skydiving legend
TIM MACE (click to enlarge)

Posted 30 January 2013

The FS Committee is pleased to announce that Tim Mace has given us the green light to proceed with the long awaited Large Formation Skills Camp.

The Large Formation Skills Camp has over the last 3 years become one of the most acclaimed events on our calendar, and 7 skydivers will get to be part of this great opportunity in 2013.

Tim is by far the most experienced active Large Formation (50+ways) skydiver in South Africa.


For those of you who do not know Tim:

8100 jumps
3500 FS jumps, 2800 FS sequential in 4-way, 8-way and 16-way
2 Bronze and 1 Silver world FS medals
1 FS sequential world record (12 points in 16-way in 35 sec)
Founder member of World Team
730 jumps of over 16-way
5 FS large formation world records (218/282/297/357/400)
110 speed stars (8/10/16/20/40)

From Tim:

It’s time for another Large Formations Skills Camp.

Learning by experience is the best way, and if you come on this camp you’re going to experience as many of the skills necessary for large formations as can be achieved with a relatively small aircraft and limited altitude. You’re going to push yourselves into areas you haven’t been in. You’re going to find yourselves in situations you think are un-recoverable. You may not get it right, but you’ll have the experience to work on in the future. And you’ll have a lot of fun.

This is not a camp to build large formations. It is a camp to practice the skills necessary to build large formations. By ‘large formations’ I mean anything above about 50 people. Most of those skills are about getting there and getting away.

So you won’t be building anything large. In fact you won’t be building anything at all! All the exits will be free. All the formations will be no grip. You’ll be practicing the skills by staggering the exit so it is more like a 50 way exit. If we all get together by break off time, that’s a good result. You’ll be individually practicing the aspects of several different exit positions on each dive, irrespective of what anyone else is doing.

Even if you’ve got over 2000 4-way FS jumps, then you probably still don’t know all this stuff because you’ve always left the aircraft holding on to someone. What if the base you’re docking on leaves the aircraft 10 seconds after you? Reckon you can get there? Come on this camp and learn how.

There’s a lot of background stuff covering all the exit positions and flying techniques, and we’ll cover that on the Friday evening and practice all the exits.

On the Saturday we’ll do 6 or 7 jumps practicing all the various positions. We won’t be taking grips because flying your slot is critical to large formations. If you need to take a grip to stay in formation you’re not ready for large formations. In fact you’re probably not ready for 2-way. You need to be able to take a grip and release it without moving. So we’ll be building a no-grip formation and you have to fly your slot, 10cm from your grip at all times if you can. That takes skill, so you’ll need to work hard and give it your best shot.

The last 3 or 4 dives of the camp will push you to use what you have learned. We might take grips on those if it’s all going well. They’ll be dives you probably haven’t done before, and one of them will fry your brain!

One of the skills in large formations is packing quickly for yourself; the really big formations happen at non dz locations and there are usually no packers. So everyone on the camp has to do their own packing; there will be a two load gap.

You have to commit to Friday evening, all of Saturday, and all of Sunday, and pay for all ten jumps upfront. That way we can guarantee that the camp is going to happen, plan the jumps, and arrange the necessary slots.

So commit and let’s go and play.

Tim Mace

The camp will take place at Johannesburg Skydiving Club on the weekend of 15, 16, 17 March 2013

Cost to you:

1. A Registration Fee of R100
2. 12 x R260 (JSC slot rate) – full amount payable to the PASA account upon acceptance onto the camp. Jumps not done on the weekend due to bad weather etc. will be refunded to you by PASA. If you do not pitch on the day, a last minute replacement jumper will enjoy doing 12 productive skydives at your cost.

Tim's slot for the duration of the camp will be sponsored by the Sport Skydivers Association (SSA).

The camp will consist of a theoretical section and jump preparation on the Friday evening from 18h00 (must attend), and the 10 dives will be distributed over the Saturday and Sunday.

In order to be selected onto the camp you need to:

Commit to all 12 jumps, and be at the club from Friday 18h00 until Sunday after debrief.
Have at least a Cat III (+-200 jumps), and be a reasonable 4-way FS flyer able to fly no-contact formations.

If this camp interests you please send an e-mail to Ian before Tuesday 5 February.

Your message should include the following:
· Name and Surname
· Number of jumps + Licence no.
· Number of 4 way FS jumps
· Largest formation completed as planned
· Largest attempted formation
· FS tunnel time

NB: This camp is limited to 7 jumpers, if you snooze you will most definitely miss out!!!

Ian van den Berge
083 326 5746

SSA FS Committee

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