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JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
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2nd Annual tonto Boogie, 3-4 October 2009


Join us again this year for the 2nd Annual tonto boogie. Come to jump, learn, compete, win prizes, and train/qualify for the 2009 wingsuit world record 100-way! All disciplines will have load organizers and coaches present. Ask anyone who was there last year it's not to be missed!

Wingsuit Bigway 2009

Plenty wingsuiting and an attempt at the SA big way wingsuit record

The first round of the new SA Skydiving League competition

Live bands on Saturday night featuring Elusion

2 aircraft - the PAC 750 and a Cessna 206

Party, Party Party!

Taya and tonto

Read about tonto's life...

Logging a Life: Remembering
Eric “tonto” Stephenson

2nd Annual Tonto Boogie at JSC



Hi everyone,

The 2nd annual tonto boogie is coming up October 3-4, which means I'm getting my bags packed to come over for a month or so. And I'm bringing new TonySuit wingsuit demos with me! This is the fastest selling brand in the US now, by far. And they're fun to fly (ask Pottie)!

The PASA minimum requirement to learn to fly a wingsuit is 300 jumps in 2 years. This is to make sure you are comfortable on your equipment before adding something new to the mix. If you meet these requirements and want to learn to fly, please email me directly and let me know your experience level, height and weight. If you're keen or even just thinking about it, I'll make sure to have an appropriate suit in your size.

Any experienced wingsuit pilots out there with special requests to try the latest TonySuits T-Bird, R-Bird, S-Bird, or X-Bird, let me know.

The South African Skydiving League (SASL) will be launching at the tonto boogie so if you're competing that weekend, don't worry, I'll be around starting the weekend of September 19th.

Look forward to seeing you all!

Blue skies, -T

Taya Weiss
1 September 2009


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