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 tonto Boogie 2013 

Annual tonto Boogie at JSC, 8-10 November 2013

Posted 12 November 2013

What a boogie!!


Nothing better than having your expectations exceeded!

We started off with the bigger ways on Friday and I really have to say that the start up already exceeded our expectations. Norman, Ralph and I never thought we’d see skydiving of this level and I must admit that it exceeded our expectations.

The discipline, the flying skills and the passion was fantastic! This actually reminded me why I love FS Big Ways so much. The group started off on Friday, mainly doing 14 way formations, but  what really blew us away was that we never had less than 12 people completing the formation with only one or two out.

On Saturday, we increased the formation to 18 and 20 way formations. The quality of the skydives increased with each and every jump, leading us to hope for a 20 way completion. However, our last jump on Saturday did not deliver a completion, and we stood it over for briefing on Sunday at 07:00 to have wheels up at 08:00.

Saturday evening, to say the least, was magnificent. Bruce Askham and Tammy produced live music entertainment that fired up the best party JSC has experienced in a long time! The bar was humming, and I really have to compliment Ian, his family & staff for their excellent friendly service. The food they prepared in the canteen was fantastic!

Sunday morning, I got up early (yes, I know it sounds a bit far fetched, especially with Ian’s cheap bar prices, but I do have several witnesses who can confirm this). The whole twenty way was ready for briefing at seven. Some were a bit worn out, following their efforts to help close the bar. However, they persevered and we managed to get a couple of loads up.

We were honoured by having world known organizers sharing our air space. The Wing Suiting World Record formation organizer, Taya Weiss made sure that our local wing suit flyers had a fantastic time. With the help of Ollie, our SSA WS Chairperson, they put some wing suit flocking formations together, introducing the newest Squirrel demo wing suits in the process.

Scott Plamer and Paul Ferryman blew everybody’s mind with their excellent skills in free flying. This made the 2013 tonto boogie an event to remember!

We are blessed to have the selfless support of our aircraft operators. These guys, at their own expense, bent backwards to accommodate us and help make this boogie the huge success it turned out to be. It was a wonderful experience to see our PAC partnership and Angel Way taking hands to pull this off. Norman and Brendon participating in our events and Graham Gordon personally overseeing his operation to ensure that it all runs smoothly. Guys, words fail me. You are fantastic!

Liz Cooper, the absolute Angel she is, did a STERLING job with manifest. She did, however, develop a lack of tolerance when we hijacked Danni, her manifest officer, to join us in our formation, but she really gave her all to keep that wonderful smile. (At times I mistook it for a grind of teeth, but then having had a late night I could be mistaken). :)

On a serious note – Liz you are a blessing! Thank you for your hard work, running the entire operation, while the rest of us were having a jol! You ROCK!! (I told Ralph that too, he mentioned something about bringing you breakfast in bed for the next six months. ) :)

The guys with the hardest job this weekend (other than Liz), our Pilots. Guys, formating planes for big formations is not an easy task. Over and above that, you have to deal with ATNS, weather conditions, skydivers taking their time on exit, and worst of all, the safety staff! You guys excelled, giving us stable platforms to launch from on each and every skydive! Thank you for keeping us safe!

Way forward:

  • More big way events. (My, Ralph and Norman’s job)
  • More fun, more often (Stefan’s job)
  • Great JSC spirit (everyone’s job)

To the most important people, our visitors: Thank you for joining us. We were honoured to host this event with you guys being a part of it! We are eagerly looking forward to your next visit – and to the Capetonians, yes, we admit. We do NOT have a mountain, but we DO have some slime dams, surrounded by a load of warmth and personality!

Thanks guys! It was a privilege to share the skies with you!

Blue Skies

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