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Volare Freefly Camp
at JSC
this September...

May 2010

Great news… British freefly team Volare have confirmed that they will be coming to South Africa in September.
They’re sending 2 of their members over, so we’ll be doing everything from 2ways through to bigways, hybrids and tracking dives! This is a great chance to jump and learn from one of the best freefly teams in the world.
Just a few of their achievements:

2008: 3rd Place at the World Championships for freeflying

2009: 1st Place at the World Cup for freeflying

2009: Participants on the 108way HeadDown world record

2010: 1st and 2nd place at the Bedford wind tunnel world challenge

The 2 coaches are going to split everyone into groups based on skill level. The idea is for the intermediate freeflyers to work on 2 and 3ways, with more advanced groups doing bigways, sequentials etc. Because most people will be jumping in groups instead of 1on1 coaching, you’ll be able to get more coaching in and do more jumps during the 4 day event. Volare have suggested a pace of around 6 jumps per day.
Because of the costs involved in getting Volare here from the UK, there’s going to be a registration fee for this one. With that in mind though, there aren’t going to be any coaching fees! Instead of paying for a coaching fee on top of every jump you do during the event, all you pay is the once off registration fee.
With 2 coaches and nothing to pay other than your jumps and registration fee, everyone is sure to get in plenty of freeflying.

For anyone who hasn't seen Volare in action, check them out here:
See Volare in action!


Volare Freefly Camp at JSC


Dates: 23rd to 26th September
(the 24th is a public holiday so you’ll only need 1 day of leave)


Places are limited, but if you are interested or have any questions about the event, registration, not sure if you want to join…whatever, just give Brendon Delate or Karen Fourie a shout:



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