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Operations News 2011

12 August 2011

Long weekends with afternoon braais.............. warm weather is definitely starting to creep in! However winter is not over with predicted cold fronts on the horizon.

Dress warm and come support JSC this weekend. We boast an amazing menu at our restaurant and a lekker atmosphere in the bush pub!

Camping facilities are available with ablutions nearby. For those wanting to hire a hut for the weekend, please contact me directly.

The memorial service planned for this Sunday 14 August has been postponed until 4 September.

As previously arranged we will host the memorial service for Jarrod Folscher at 12 midday on Sunday. Operations will resume normally, only shutting down Sunday midday for the memorial service.

Well done to Rustenburg Skydiving Club for hosting the very successful Ranch Boogie over this long weekend.

I would like to wish Mohan a speedy recovery after his recent injury.


This time of the year presents challenges with cross winds and ‘dust devils’, please follow the directions layed out by the Safety Officer or Jump Master on duty.

Fly safe

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

3 August 2011

Being a member of JSC clearly is about much more than only skydiving. It is also about caring, brotherly love and being part of a very close-knit family. In no other sport have I experienced the camaraderie we experience in skydiving.

Thanks to our members opening their hearts, we have accumulated enough to cover all the funeral arrangements. There will be a memorial service for Chucky on Friday the 5th of August at 12:00 at Mondeor Recreation Centre, corner Columbine ave and Dayleford rd, Mondeor.

Thank you to all our members who supported (and still support) Marlene with all the funeral arrangements. There were so many that I am scared to mention names as I could accidently leave someone out.

Thanks guys, you’re just great.


1 August 2011

Morning everyone

I guess we all still are trying to come to terms with the idea that we will never see Jarrod’s friendly face on the DZ again. He will be remembered as a helpful, friendly and outgoing person who always made time for our junior members.

It truly is in times like these, that the family can use every bit of support to carry them through the dark hours of processing their loss. We discussed it as the committee and we decided to make our club account available to all those who would like to make a contribution to Jarrod’s family. Although nothing we do can ever replace him, we can attempt to make it more bearable for his loved ones in dealing with final formalities.

Col. Thomson from the local police, who is a trained trauma councillor, gave trauma counselling to all in need of it and on my request to reimburse him for his time, requested that we rather support Jarrod’s family. (Some will remember Tommie, he did a few jumps at the club before and hopefully we might even see him back one of these days.)  

Anyone else wishing to make a contribution can transfer to the JSC club account using the reference Jarrod Folscher. Christo, in turn, will channel the funds to assist with the arrangements.

Please mail Hani directly at hani@jsc.co.za should you wish to make a contribution.


Jarrod Folscher is third from left; group photo of Atmo skills camp participants, taken at JSC the weekend of the tragic accident (31 July 2011)

14 July 2011

Hi Members

I would like to start by thanking those who made the effort to come out of hibernation and support our club these past weekends. Yes, it’s "moer koud" I know, but spending your hard earned cash at JSC beats a long day at the mall with nagging kids & whining wives/girlfriends... Why stay at home when you could be part of all the fun!

The lekker thing about JSC is you can socialize almost anywhere. For one, the pool is kept constantly blue and clean, the bar and canteen allows you to chill with great service a click away.

For those who need to complete their A-Licence one needs to also do a packing instruction. Take the opportunity on bad weather days and have a jumpmaster / instructor assist you.

As posted by Marisa Dold regarding the 8 way skills camp:         

For those booked for the skills camp it’s definitely on. We have such a great response that we will have 2 groups participating in the event. One group will be led by Tim Mace and the other by Paul (Simba).

The schedule is as follows:

                Friday, 29 July – Briefing start @ 18H30
                Saturday, 30 July – 6 jumps from 08H00
                Sunday, 31 July – 4 jumps from 08H00

All briefings will be done by Tim Mace on Friday night. As previously mentioned, this is not a social session and no alcohol will be allowed in the training room (bloody rules). Please do not be late as there is quite a lot of information that needs to be worked through before the jumps on Saturday. I suggest bringing a pen & notebook.

To confirm your participation, please make full payment + R200 registration fee into the JSC account by 18 July 2011. The total amount is R2 600 per person. Please fax / email me confirmation of this payment so I can ensure it is correctly allocated on your jump account. Only those who have paid in full by this date will be allowed to partake. If you have a problem with payment, please let me know.

The JSC Bank details are as follows:

Carletonville Parachute Club
Standard Bank
Branch Code: 012342
Account No: 003014339

Reference: PASA No & Name
My direct fax number is: 086 550 9615

Just a reminder – Please dedicate your full weekend to this event. You will be doing different exits, etc and missing even one jump is going to mess your fellow jumpers around. Let’s be fair to everyone.

Please feel free to contact me should you require any additional information.

Kind Regards
Marisa Dold



Well there it is folks, see you at the DZ!

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

29 June 2011

Hello Members

Yes, Saturday was bonding time in the canteen as well as in the pub. The cold weather combined with high winds on Saturday was enough to keep folks on the ground! Sunday cleared in time to see BLU take to the skies again!

Well done to Marco hosting the Atmo event and a special welcome to Herman Kruger visiting all the way from Tzaneen. Atmonauti is a relatively new discipline in SA and Marco has done a great job promoting it. for further information.

No jumping was done on Saturday, and Sunday cleared up nicely to produce 9 loads, also averaging 10 folks per load. Justin our pilot did a great job making this event possible!

Please take care when jumping this time of the year, strong winds with increased turbulence will surely put your flying skills to the test. Bad set-ups along with incorrect landing patterns can also result in out landings and possible injury. Safety crews on the ground are always willing to assist with the correct landing approaches!

Everybody should own a copy of the MOP’s..... (Manual of Procedures). For those doing progression or about to start  ISP, Cat II or even attempting Cat III must take the time to read up on what’s required. A copy of the MOP’s can be purchased through PASA’S offices www.para.co.za  


Ian, Yvonne and Shaun cooking amazing food.
Brynn handling Manifest like a pro.
Marius and Jo serving all your favourite drinks.
To all the packers and cleaning staff, great job guys.
Andre and Basil doing what they do best as Riggers.
Jarrod and Rhett doing safety.

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

22 June 2011

Hi members

Cold fronts can be a reason to stay home and hibernate on weekends. However constant hibernation can be the major cause of laziness, loneliness and will even lead to long unnecessary stays in bed.

Yes, there is a remedy to this illness..........read on!

Whilst this was all happening, BLU was patiently waiting on the runway preparing to take the first load. A bunch of die hard fanatical skydivers were already kitted up ready to explore the heavens. The packers arrived all fired up and available to assist with your packing needs. Professional riggers on site waiting to do repacks and willing to take your measurements.

A great canteen eager to serve a mug of hot coffee to help with the winter chill.

Are you up to it...........?

Weekend drop zones are loads of fun and it's not what your club can do for you but rather what you can do for your club. I guarantee top class hospitality with amazing food and a pub to help with those cold evenings. Dress for success and come play!

This past weekend was quiet as a result of the Margate Boogie. 9 loads were achieved on Saturday with 5x loads on Sunday, with Bruce and Neil flying BLU around our skies doing a great job.

This weekend also hosts another Atmo skills camp with Marco. for further information


Brynn doing manifest on Saturday and Sunday.
Christo and Rhett providing all safety on the ground as well as in the air.
Ian, Yvonne and Shaun cooking great food.
Marius and Jo providing your favourite drinks in the pub.
All the packers and cleaning staff.

Wishing you a great week!

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

8 June 2011

Hello Members

Another awesome weekend enjoyed only by those who woke up early enough to see the sun rise.

Yup, great weather conditions along with a group of folks with tons of energy made things happen!

BLU did what she does best, with the best pilots this world has to offer.
Our skies witnessed 16 loads on Saturday and 9 loads on Sunday.  If this doesn’t rev your engine..............then nothing else will!!!!

I would like to boast by saying BLU and her owners have bent over backwards to make sure JSC has the very best aircraft in the world of skydiving. Let’s show our appreciation by supporting them and also building JSC.

Folks, make every effort to wrap the Missus, kids, budgie and even Granny and bring them out to the DZ. For those brave enough, we have an amazing swimming pool built by the master himself. Our canteen serves food even your mom can’t beat. The pub provides an amazing atmosphere & your favourite drink. The braai facilities are amazing and we even boast the best sunsets in Africa.

So what I’m trying to say is, come out and play..........


  • Willem did his naked 100 (sis for the guys, cool for the chicks)
    David Ashworth completed his ISP programme
    Ludgy Pinto completed his ISP programme
    Coco Lupo completed his AFF

Well done to everyone mentioned. If I’ve left anybody out please mail me with the details.


BLU partnership, Norman and Brendan
Pilots Neil (on Saturday) and Roger on Sunday
Alison for running Manifest and doing a great job
Christo for providing all safety and briefings on the ground
Andre and Christo for arranging a geyser for the canteen with the Schook family assisting
Marius and Jo for running the "Cutaway Pub" and providing a great atmosphere with your favourite drinks to stem the winter chill
Ian, Yvonne and Shaun for serving wonderful home cooked meals and beverages
The cleaning staff for making sure the grounds are kept clean as well as the ablutions
The packers and Johannes for refuelling BLU when necessary


Take care when packing your rig. Hard openings can cause injuries!

Until we meet again...

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

31 May 2011

Hi Members

This weekend was fabulous. A wee........ cold, but awesome weather conditions for skydiving.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mike Rumble / Graham Field & others who assisted at Rustenburg Skydiving Club (RSC) and for hosting an amazing event. The night jumps went off well and finished around 12pm.

On the local front  JSC managed to do 15 loads on Saturday and 11 loads on Sunday. A special welcome to all the newbies including  Bosman Kruger who drove all the way from Tzaneen to do Atmo jumps with Marco.

A special welcome to Hugh Newman. This man brings years of experience with him.

The first jump course had eight folks doing the static line course and Etienne proved once again why he is still a great instructor. All eight students jumped on Sunday.

Chris Couperthwaite completed his freefall progression jumps...... well done Chris!!

Special thanks to:

Ian & Alison Palmer for doing mid week pre-manifest.

Lizette for managing Manifest on both Saturday and Sunday.

Andre for doing an amazing job maintaining the grounds and also arranging to have the roads scrapped down after all the recent rains. Andre has also had our runway patched.

Marius and Jo doing a great job in the pub.  

Ian, Yvonne and Shaun for serving great food.

Bruce our pilot flying BLU around our skies (Saturday) and his boet Neil flew on Sunday.

Safety staff doing a good job on the ground.

All the packers and cleaning staff, great job guys.


Remember, low turns will earn you a grounding as well as a mining certificate.......... gratis & mahala!

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

24 May 2011

Hi Members

Sorry I took so long to report on the weekend’s events. It’s the working thing that somehow gets in the way!

The cold weather is definitely creeping in............. but no reason to stay away, come and play with us this weekend.

Unfortunately ATC has total control over the airspace and we were limited to a max of 5000 ft as a result of another aircraft in our zone doing area footage. The hold only lasted an hour and once again our playground opened up.

Saturday produced 17 loads and Sunday we managed 14 loads.

I would like to thank all our members for showing amazing hospitality to all visitors. These folks go away with wonderful memories and great advertising for JSC.

Thanks to:

Brynn doing a great job at Manifest with Sam standing over him with a baseball bat.

Jethran for flying BLU on Saturday and Alewyn flying on Sunday.

Ryan and Rhett providing all safety and briefings on the ground.

Ian, Yvonne & Shaun for providing such amazing food.

Marius and Jo always giving us great service in the pub. Your music always sets the correct tone.

All the packers and cleaning staff for doing a great job.


Take care of your equipment. It will take care of you!

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

17 May 2011

Hi Members

Firstly, to those who missed the partying this weekend, starting on Friday evening, you truly missed out! Wow, what a blast!!!!!!!! Thanks Ed...

Marco kicked off with the Atmo Skills Camp on Friday midday with visiting jumpers from KZN, and Gigliola Borgnis flew out from Italy to coach. An awesome event with tons of footage. For those wanting to know more about this discipline please

A big thanks to everybody who supported our balloon sales. Various slots where donated as well as smaller prizes.  The tandem was won by Michelle Kleinsmit.

Friday we put 5 loads up and Saturday was fairly busy producing 20 loads. Sunday we managed to do 17 loads.

The AGM was hosted on Saturday evening with approximately 40 members attending. A number of proxies were also received and noted. This meeting was waxed and dusted within 50 minutes. You see, we can do it!

Welcome back Eugene Potgieter………… our new Chairman has arrived and already barking out orders! Pottie has already introduced his new Committee to all members (see below).

Special thanks to:

Alison for handling Manifest with an iron rod taking no crap!

Ed who provided the amazing music from Friday through to Saturday evening.

Marius & Jo worked their butts off this weekend, especially on Saturday after the AGM.

Ian, Yvonne & Shaun cooked their hearts out, especially on Saturday evening.

Marlene, Tershia, Reiner, Jo, Marius, Basil, Lizette who all assisted with decorating the bar.

Andre for arranging last minute generators and also for restoring our power supply Saturday mid morning.

To Norman & Brendan for donating slots.

To Neil and Ludo who safely flew BLU around our skies.

All the cleaning staff and packers.

To all JSC members & non members for supporting our club and its facilities.

A note from manifest:

The card machine is down and the internet connection will not be available this weekend coming (21st -22nd May). Please do EFT’s in the week or pay cash on the day. Please bring your proof of payment.

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

Between March and May, Derek was standing in as Chairman and his news during this period can be found here

22 March 2011

Hi all

Wow, what a crazy weekend!

The powers that be who control the weather were not particularly kind to us this weekend.  This resulted in limited skydiving with only 2x loads on Saturday (Pac) / 1x load (NKH). Sunday produced 4x loads (Pac) & Monday we managed 6x loads (Pac).

Monica & Emily did a great job doing manifest.

Thanks also to:

The pilots who assisted us this weekend, without them we simply 'don’t get airborne'.

Marius and Jo (Cutaway Pub) who, true to traditional barman form, are always there to mend broken hearts.

Ian / Yvonne for cooking us great food. Mind you, their visit to the bar on Sunday evening was also interesting.

Andre for arranging the lawn to be cut and general cleaning.

Patricia joined us recently to assist cleaning the ladies bathrooms / toilets. To all the packers & ground staff that keep our DZ looking so good. People don’t realize this, but a lot of arranging happens in the week to make these weekends possible. Unfortunately no magic wand is waved around to achieve this.

Currently Council is responsible for our water problem and we don’t have water other than the water brought in by the fire brigade on Sunday. Many thanks to Potties for arranging our water. This morning I arranged Jan the plumber to replace a section of piping on our side that was damaged by an outside contractor’s TLB. Hopefully Council would have restored our water supply by the weekend.

I have purchased a washing machine to wash our student jump suits, in addition the helmets will also be washed regularly.                         


Keep all movement in the plane to a minimum. Remember to do your 'equipment check' at 1000ft. Final checks on puffs, pins & handles before exit.

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

14 March 2011

Hi members

I have just received confirmation from Norman that the Pac parts are currently in Singapore and will arrive in Johannesburg on Friday morning.
Unfortunately that means that we will have to endure one more weekend with the white PAC & NKH. This weekend we managed 15 loads on Saturday out of the Pac and 3 loads on the NKH 206. Sunday was quieter doing 9 loads (Pac).

Once again a huge thanks to the safety crew: Bev, Jarrod & Sean, you guys & gal keep our sport safe. Allison is doing a sterling job at manifest with endless energy. Ian, Yvonne & Shaun for great food & beverages. Marius & Jo doing amazing work running the pub. All the ground staff & packers, well done!

The long weekend is clearly in sight and I would like to encourage all members to bring the whole family out to braai / swim & support our pub / grub. Remember Monday is a public holiday with loads of skydiving to be done!

Please make sure you arrive at the DZ one hour before boarding.


Remember to approach the aircraft from the rear end and not the front end.

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

7 March 2011

Hi members

"Big White" arrived on Saturday morning with a low flyover introducing her arrival.

We achieved 22 loads on Saturday and 13 loads on Sunday. The Cessna NKH206 only managed two loads on Saturday. This aircraft is ideal for students going to low altitude.

A slight breeze throughout the weekend was a relief against the unforgiving heat.

Thanks go to...

Norman for arranging the Pac & the NKH206 Cessna.

Allison doing manifest was a "mean machine" taking no prisoners showing high energy levels (all weekend).

Ian & Yvonne / Shaun your food is awesome and the service great.

Marius & Jo provided a great atmosphere and ice cold beer after a long day in the sun.

Kevin Owen & Christo Pieterse for providing all the much needed safety on the ground and in the air.

All the packers & ground staff.

In case no one noticed, the long grass has been cut around the DZ and surrounding areas. Many thanks to Andre for actually cutting it himself. Give that man a bells!

Currently the speakers are damaged in the bar area. If anyone has spare speakers they’re willing to sponsor to the the club, it would be much appreciated.


Two types of malfunctions exist i.e.
1) low speed malfunction
2) high speed malfunction

Always apply the 5 second rule before executing your reserve drills. There is a fine line between a malfunction and non malfunction!

Until we meet again...

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

28 February 2011

Hi members

Just a quick update on the weekend’s events:

It looks like the faithful NKH 206 is fast becoming popular as our new child. We achieved 15 loads on Saturday & 13 loads on Sunday.

No incidents were recorded this weekend with great weather giving us every reason to skydive!

We have been spoilt with the great service of the Pac, She has been missed. Spares out of NZ have still not arrived in SA. As soon as this happens I will inform all members.

Please note that students doing static line jumps must undergo a total of 8 static jumps. The first three jumps are regarded as "no task" jumps with batons/radios. The remaining 5 jumps are dummy rip cord jumps (no batons or radios are necessary) with the last three jumps consistently perfect. Your last dummy rip (jump no 8) must be done on the same day or weekend along with your first 3 sec delay jump. Please note you need to be signed off for approval by an instructor before advancing to your 3 sec delay.

All skydivers should have in their possession a copy of the MOPS (Manual of Procedures), this is our "bible" of skydiving spelling out all the do’s & don'ts. A copy can be ordered through PASA's offices. The contact person is Neeve and she can be reached on 021 553 3398. Please note this copy is not gratis or mahala.

Special  thanks to our safety staff Derek L, Jarrod F, Allison P doing manifest Saturday & Sunday. Brenda for loaning us your bakkie to fetch fuel for our aircraft & Marius (barman) for offering to drive there & back. Jo (bar girl) for cleaning the ladies bathrooms and taking the curtains down to wash & re fit. If I’ve left anybody out thank you as well.


When "kitting up" ensure that your chest strap is routed correctly, it will truly ruin your day in the event of this pulling loose.

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

21 February 2011

Hi members

This weekend proved that no matter what aircraft arrives a load of fun will be had. The NHK 206 Cessna taking 4/5 people per load was definitely a life saver.

A special thank you to Norman, Ralph & Liz for arranging the 206 (Norman’s plane).

Thanks also to:

Ian & Yvonne who kept the canteen open, your awesome food makes me want to leave home for.

Marius & Jo for supplying our liquid needs. Limited sales were achieved by all operators this weekend and this just shows how much effort & commitment is put into our club.

Thank you Marius (barman) for repairing the audio & visual points on the monitors to view tandems and do briefings.

Liz at the steering wheel doing an amazing job at Manifest.

All safety staff Derek L, Ryan, Rhett  & Christo, you guys even made me feel safe!

The weather played havoc on Saturday but still managed a few loads (5) with clear weather on Sunday. Our pilot had to leave by 12 but managed to put 5 x loads up (Sun).

The subject of landing patterns became an issue again this weekend with conflicting landing patterns. It all starts while walking out to boarding point when the load master discusses the landing patterns. Asking the load master won’t do any harm either, it’s all about communicating people!

Whether you apply a left or right hand landing pattern you still need to look around for other canopies. With safety month around the corner we need to start applying these safety rules.

The club rule states: If no wind, land with the club house on the right!


While flying to altitude, stay focussed on where you are in this big blue sky to maintain some direction.
In other words "Orientation"!

Till we meet again next weekend, take care.

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

16 February 2011


Taking into account that no plane is available this weekend I suggest folks doing their A Licence will require a packing instruction. This will be the perfect opportunity to complete your paperwork as well.

We have amazing facilities at JSC i.e.: the swimming pool, canteen, cut away pub, toilet facilities, long romantic walks in the forest is also an idea.

If you’re a long distance swimmer then the swoop pond is for you.

We have a runway that needs constant traffic, to prevent the surface pushing out please do a 1.2km drive with your car or bakkie, even a 2.4km will help.

The hangers need cleaning out as well as manifest including the bathrooms & toilets. Any volunteers would we welcomed with open arms.

Come on guys, let's have fun at JSC this weekend and bring the family out too!

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

15 February 2011

A special thanks to all involved with fitting the training equipment in the thatch centre (next to the swoop pond).

Andre De Klerk, Derek Liversage, Ian Divers (canteen) - you guys are awesome.

This facility was built for the world meet in '09 and has since only been used  by the wildlife society. This facility is much cooler with less interruptions while doing briefings. In addition, concrete tables & benches will be added outside the thatch.

Thank you Mike Meyer for fitting the additional tables & benches with the paved areas outside the cut away pub. The tiling area outside the canteen. The added wash basins with additional paving by the storage tanks.

Derek Wood
Operations Manager 

31 January 2011

Hi all

A huge welcome to Allison & Emily doing that dreaded job of arranging people on loads.

Manifest is not easy and takes a while to get used to. Please be patient if mistakes are made as these Dolls are still learning. This is not an easy job and learning the finer detail will take time.

Saying that, safety is our first priority and mistakes can costs lives. Students please remember any jumpmaster or instructor will always be willing to help you select the CORRECT GEAR and ensure you have been checked out by the duty staff prior to walking out to boarding point.

Thank you for your co-operation.

I couldn't help noticing how clear the weather was at 6am (Sat & Sun) this weekend just passed. Early loads are available from 6am to 8am with 12000 ft exits. Slot rates won't change at this altitude either.

For teams training for Nationals or general large ways this will be a challenge getting out of bed earlier.

Please guys & gals, let's take full advantage of this weather while it still lasts. Winter is slowly approaching shortening the days.

Please note, this will not apply to first jumpers nor early stage students.

Let's make it happen JSC!!!

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

25 January 2011

Hi folks

All jumpers needing to do Cat 3 (FS), C & D licence requirement jumps, then this is for you!!!!!!!

Other than Cat 3, some of these jumps can be combined on "bigger ways" depending on how many folks commit.

Forward your name, jump numbers, weight, current licence, biggest formation jumped & when.

We’re planning this event for the 6th February 2011.

I will need coaches and more experienced jumpers to come forward to assist.


Exiting fourth (unlinked) after a three way star (linked)........ refer to MOPs for further briefing.

Requires having successfully docked 5th or higher on at least four separate occasions in formations of five or larger. Have successfully docked 8th on at least one occasion in an 8 person formation or larger (refer to MOPs for added requirements, section 2 page 5).

Requires docking 5th or higher on at least 10 formation skydives. Participated in at least three eight way or larger formations where at least two sequential points were successfully completed. Have successfully participated in at least one sixteen way or larger formation. One night formation skydive (refer to MOPs for added requirements, section 2 page 5).

Once again I will need help from the more experienced skydivers to make this event possible.

Derek Wood
Operations Manager

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