JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JSC Johannesburg Skydiving Club
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Tandem Jump
Tandem Jump
Tandem Jump

Tandem Jump


If you're just after that once-off thrill of a lifetime, or you're not quite sure yet whether this skydiving thing is for you, then a tandem jump is what you want to try.

No comprehensive ground school is required for a tandem skydive. A Tandem Instructor will brief you on the do's and don'ts prior to the jump. You will be told what to expect and how to get the most from your tandem experience.

You will wear a strong passenger harness, with which you will be securely connected to the front of a highly qualified Tandem Instructor. The two of you will exit the aircraft at 11000ft AGL and freefall at 200kph down to 5000ft AGL. During this freefall, no verbal communication is possible between passenger and Tandem Instructor, due to wind noise. The freefall will feel like you are suspended on a thick cushion of air it will almost feel as if you are freefalling by yourself as you will be weightless.

After 40 seconds of falling straight down at 200km/h, the Tandem Instructor will deploy the main parachute at an altitude of approximately 5000ft AGL. At this stage, everything slows down a whole lot. As the two of you drift gently down to earth, you will be able to talk to each other, enjoy the ride and the magnificent view. The canopy ride down to earth will last around 5-8 minutes, after which you will touch down gently in front of the club house.

An experienced camera man will video the entire event, from your briefing until shortly after the landing. The exit and actual freefall is expertly filmed by the camera man who will fly a few feet in front of the tandem. You will receive a video or DVD edited with music and slow motion shots of the action parts before you go home. This will be an awesome reminder which you will watch over and over in years to come. (Forget those old holiday videos guys...check out my tandem jump!!!)

Wear running shoes (tekkies) with no buckles or hooks.
Gloves in winter will be a good idea!


Below is the type of footage you take home after your tandem skydive (your DVD will be way better quality of course!) PLUS we will include 50-100 still photos of your entire thrilling experience!

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