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AGM Notification 2019

Hi there JSC Members, firstly, please allow me to wish you all a most rewarding and prosperous 2019.

2018 has come and gone in a flash! Looking back, 2018 was quite a challenging though interesting year, opening up many opportunities for a very exciting 2019.

Our swoop pond has regained it’s beautiful status, inviting swoopers to come out and play their hearts out!

JSC has grown itself a Tandem Instructors core only to be proud of, and once again, we walked away with the Lilizela Tourism award for the best Tourism Adventure Experience in Gauteng, making us a finalist in the National Lilizela Tourism Awards. The Lililizela Award is the most prestigious award in South African Tourism! Well done to our sterling Team on this fantastic achievement!

I would like to thank each and every member of my JSC Committee and staff for their hard work during the past year! Without you, nothing would be possible.

I am very excited and cannot wait to see what 2019 will hold for JSC and our members! I do have to stress, however, like any other ship, JSC needs a solid, energetic crew steering the ship. Every year, at our AGM, we are given the opportunity to voice ourselves as members and to appoint a committee to manage our beloved club. This, can come with some sacrifice in spending time, and when walking the extra mile, even a few bucks on fuel and phone calls to get stuff done! ? – this is crucial as without a proper, dedicated management team, the Club simply cannot survive.

It is high time that we get some new blood onto the Committee! This was my tenth consecutive year serving as Chairman of JSC. In total, I have served on the JSC Committee since 2004, (taking a short break after the Canopy Piloting World Cup we hosted in 2009). I just realized that I must have been chairing JSC meetings while some of you were still seating school chairs – man, now I am feeling really old ?

The best way to grow structure in the Club, is to get a solid management team taking ownership of it. The only way to grow a dynamic, new and fresh vibe in the club, is to continuously add younger ingredients to make that happen. Please don’t sit negative, feeling that the “same old Committee who are “running the club” does nothing to include or promote new ideas for new growth or members”, as this is YOUR Club too! It is YOUR responsibility to get involved and  make the difference YOU want to see! In the best interest of JSC it is important to grow our successors of tomorrow, so PLEASE get involved?

For the past few years, we continuously have the same faces on the Committee. After the last AGM, this was a huge concern and we actually strong-armed some members, co-opting them to achieve the above which has delivered some really fresh and positive results!

The most important qualities needed for an effective Committee is ownership, time, integrity and dedication. Serving on the Committee can be very rewarding, especially when you turn around to look back on your term and appreciate the results of your hard work and the improvement it has brought to our Club. Now in the contrary, should you look back and see nothing, that would be a bit of a disappointment. ?

If you are keen to serve on the committee and you are interested in participating in the management of our Club, please contact me directly on Should anyone wish to nominate someone for any of these positions, please firstly confirm that they are willing to stand and then send me a mail where you nominate the person for the position in question.

New Committee members 2019/2020 will be decided on at the AGM scheduled for the  9th March 2019

Should you like to get more involved but you are feeling that you are not ready to stand for the committee, there are so many ways you can help. We have many projects where you can assist in a subforum/-committee and get yourself better acquainted with JSC Club operations. This is a great start in preparing yourself for the task. Should you rather like to get involved in the latter, drop me a mail at as we appreciate all the help we can get!

The following current Committee members have indicated that they will make themselves available to serve on the committee for another year. (We would however, appreciate new nominations for any of these positions)


  • Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter (Prepared to serve for another term but will understand if portfolio needs to be upgraded to a newer model ?)

Equipment Officer:

  • Ryan Weeks

Operations Manager:

  • Fritz Schoeman

Grounds Manager:

  • Harry Laing

Chief Instructor: (NSTO Appointed Position, not voted in at AGM )

  • Beverly Cosslett (Bev) Has indicated that she will fill the CI position for another year.

We urgently need nominations for the following portfolios:



PLEASE get involved guys! Let’s build this club into something even more spectacular!

The AGM is set for the 9th March 2019. We are currently updating the Constitution and have tasked a JSC founder member, Chris Grosch to facilitate the Constitution update. Chris will communicate suggested changes/amendments to adapt the Constitution to the current JSC structure, please make use of the opportunity to voice your opinion!

The Constitution is what governs the club! (not the Committee – we just work here). ?

Please make sure that your membership is current and fully paid up so you can cast your vote!!

Many thanks

Eugene Potgieter