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Sport Skydivers

aka Fun Jumpers!

Johannesburg Skydiving Club is the area's premier skydiving center

Club Facilities

Johannesburg Skydiving Club has everything you need to jump and spectate comfortably. Land just feet away from our shaded observation and bar area while friends and family share your experience.

  • 01.    The DZ is fully fenced off ensuring safety.
  • 02.   Plenty of secure parking.
  • 03.   BBQ areas and a swimming pool with a child proof fence.
  • 04.   Pool table.
  • 05.   Free camping on the DZ.
  • 06.   Free hot and cold showers.
  • 07.   A full rigging room with onsite Master Riggers.
  • 08.   A video room with a massive TV for teams to debrief, fully furnished.
  • 09.   A secure, lock-up room for overnight gear storage.
  • 10.   A full sized packing hangar with carpeted floor.
  • 11.   A large instruction room.
  • 12.   A fully licensed, equipped and stocked Bush Pub (cash only please).
  • 13.   Editing facilities available.
  • 14.   Gear store.
  • 15.   Shaded areas for people to sit and for extra packing space.
  • 16.   Drop zone has fully grassed landing areas.
  • 17.   We have bunk rooms and wooden huts that surround the dropzone which are available to rent.
  • 18.   There are numerous guest houses, shopping centres and restaurants within a 10 km radius of the drop zone, and an ATM only 10 minutes away.
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Club Rules

Everywhere you go there are rules. And JSC is no different. Aside from the more extensive BSR’s (Basic Safety Requirements), these are just a few simple rules and requests which we insist that everybody complies with.

  • 01.   No alcohol to be consumed when on duty or when jumping.
  • 02.   No spectators beyond the beer line, at any time..
  • 03.   Only skydivers and pilots are allowed at boarding point.
  • 04.   No drinking 8 hours prior to jumping.
  • 05.   No swooping the lawn area.
  • 06.   The next load must kit up and move to boarding point as soon as the previous load takes off…whether there is a refuel or not.
  • 07.   All student gear must be packed inside the clubhouse, in the packing area provided.
  • 08.   Skydivers with less than 100 jumps and B Licence, may not use a canopy smaller than 170sq. ft..
  • 09.    No smoking in the packing area (clubhouse) or near any skydiving equipment.
  • 10.   Only pro rated skydivers and Tandems may land in front of the club. All other jumpers must land in the student landing area with the “pit” as the target area.
  • 11.   No drugs of any kind are permitted on JSC premises. Offenders will be ejected from the JSC premises, and may be banned from the club for life.
  • 12.   Any club equipment damaged or broken due to negligence, will become payable immediately by the offender.
  • 13.   Pay now…fly later. All jumpers must pay prior to jumping. Daily accounts will only be permitted if a valid credit card is handed to the manifest officer.
  • 14.   Guests are the responsibility of the member/skydiver with whom they are present at the club.
  • 15.   No parking or driving on the lawned area.
  • 16.   No parking inside or in front of the hangar.
  • 17.   If there is a malfunction on club equipment resulting in a cutaway, it is the responsibility of the jumper concerned to retrieve the equipment (where possible), after landing.
  • 18.   No pets allowed. We have resident Dogs Jerry and Tommy.
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The Process

How JSC Operates

JSC runs a pre-manifest system where you can pre-book your jumps.

You can email to secure your place. Please advise on which day, how many jumps, if you require a coach, if you need to rent club gear or not and how many loads you require in-between jumps to pack.

Be advised: JSC is 5500ft ASL. This means that the air is a LOT thinner than at sea level. This means an increase in canopies opening, flying and landing. Caution is advised. If you are used to jumping at sea level, please take extra care and feel free to speak to a JSC instructor if you have any questions.

Our jump altitude is 11,000ft AGL

JSC operates a C4M-TP Angel

Please read our club rules and pricing policy and then get manifested!

You will need to make payment for your jumps prior to jumping to secure your slots.


How To Manifest Your Jumps
View Pre-Manifest


Only instructors can book your jumps while you are in training!


Pre-manifest your jumps as follows:

Click here to Premanifest your jumps.

Send an email to and provide the following info:

  1. Which day you would like to jump
  2. How many jumps you would like to do
  3. Time you would like to arrive at the drop zone (an hour before your first jump)
  4. Time you would like to leave
  5. What kind of jumps you will be doing (static line, 2 way with… etc)
  6. How many loads you need between for packing (a load takes approximately 17 minutes)
  7. Will you be using club equipment or your own?
Slot rates

Prices for Sport Jumpers

Jump costs, gear & gear rental, memberships, packing and training.

  • Own Gear (11000ft)R350
  • Own Gear (Hop n Pop 6000ft)R330
  • Own Gear (Hop n Pop 3000ft)R290
  • Club Gear + Pack (11000ft)R500
  • Club Gear + Pack (6000ft)R430
  • Club Gear HireR100
  • Packing feeR50
  • Refresher R150
  • Daily MembershipR80
  • Weekend MembershipR150
  • Annual MembershipR900
  • Foreign Jumper / Temp PASA CardR250
  • Lost Rip CordR150

Frequently Asked Questions

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You need to have a current association membership and a minimum of an A licence. South African jumpers need to be a member of PASA. Foreign jumpers will also be required to get a temporary PASA membership which is done at the club.


On arrival at the club, licence cards, reserve cards, logbook and gear inspections will need to be performed before you will be allowed to skydive.

Slot Rates:
Own Gear (11000ft) – R320
Own Gear (Hop n Pop 6000ft) – R300
Own Gear (Hop n Pop 3000ft) – R260
Club Gear + Pack (11000ft) – R420
Club Gear + Pack (6000ft) – R440
Club Gear Hire – R80
Packing fee – R40
Refresher – R75
Daily Membership – R80
Weekend Membership – R140
Annual Membership – R700
Foreign Jumper / Temp PASA Card – R250
Lost Rip Cord – R80

We work on a first come first served on the club gear. The club has a range of sizes of canopies for you to use based on your experience level.

Ready To Jump?

Every year, we host thousands of tandem jumpers, AFF students and experienced skydivers from all over South Africa and the world.
This year, we’d be thrilled to count you among our guests.